Official withdrawal from the university

If you are a registered student and wish to withdraw from classes, you may do so on LOUIE.  If you are unable to complete the withdrawal process online, you may submit your request in writing using a form available on the Registrar's website

Return of Title IV Funds if you withdraw

Students receiving financial aid will not receive a refund of tuition or fees when they withdraw.  The student's financial aid will be re-evaluated to determine the amount of aid the student has earned and how much needs to be returned to the federal programs.  In most cases, a student will owe money back to a federal program as a result of the difference between NAU's refund percentage and the Department of Education's refund percentage.  The refund will be applied to the financial aid programs that paid for the tuition and fees.  The amount of aid earned will be calculated on a per diem basis through the 60 percent point of the semester.  After that point, federal financial aid will be considered to be 100 percent earned. 

A student's withdrawal date is the date the student began the withdrawal process, or otherwise notified the university in writing of the intent to withdraw.  If a student attends, then leaves the university without notifying the Registrar, the withdrawal date may be considered back to the midpoint of the semester, and the student will be responsible for returning a certain amount of financial aid.

The University policy on Refund of Fees is a separate calculation of the amount of unearned institutional charges.  Any refund will first be applied to receivables owed to the university, then to any loans the student received.