University Grant FAQ

Q: What is University Grant?
A:   University Grant is a need based institutional grant that does not have to be repaid.  
Q: Who qualifies for University Grant?
A:   Students who file their FAFSA by February 1st and demonstrate need.  Due to the limited nature of this funding, it is imperative that you submit your FAFSA by February 1st.  
Q: What if I don't file my FAFSA by February 1st?
A:   Due to the limited nature of University Grant funding, the grant will not be guaranteed if you file your FAFSA after this date. 
Q: What if my taxes are not complete by February 1st?
A:   You may use estimated income tax information (using your W2's) to complete the FAFSA.  You may be required to submit actual tax documents later.  
Q: How long after I complete by FAFSA before I am notified of the award?
A:   You will be notified of your eligibility when you are packaged with financial aid for the upcoming year.  Incoming freshmen will be packaged at the beginning of February.  Continuing undergraduates will be packaged in May, after spring semester grades are posted.
Q: Will transfer credits count toward the 30 cumulative hour requirement?
A: Yes. Transfer credits taken during the academic year (including summer and winter) will count toward the 30 credit hour requirement. However, grade point average (GPA) from another school will not count toward the 2.0 GPA requirement of this grant.