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The Faculty Professional Development Program is seeking new faculty members as well as faculty during periods of transition at various stages of their careers who are:

  • Seeking support, guidance, collegiality, and friendship as they develop their careers at Northern Arizona University
  • Committed to achieving their full potentials as teachers and researchers
  • Interested in better understanding as well as shaping university culture
  • Receiving mentorship from veteran faculty members who have significant expertise and experiences as well as joining a broad network of professional colleagues

In 2002 the Faculty Professional Development Program created a formal Colleague-to-Colleague Mentorship Program to assist new faculty. Since then this program has sought to expand the sense of scholarly community for all faculty at NAU.

Research shows that new faculty members benefit greatly when they have trusted advisors. For this reason, faculty new to NAU are encouraged to participate in the Colleague-to-Colleague Mentorship Program. Each new faculty member is paired with an experienced faculty member who shares her/his interests(usually from a different discipline). Purposeful, mutually enriching matches are made between new faculty and their veteran faculty mentors.

The program includes:

  • Mentoring Program sessions
  • Regular meetings with a mentor throughout the academic year
  • 1 year program commitment
  • An evaluation of the program

    The 2013-14 Mentorship Program is currently active and the application process has closed. Applications for 2014-15 will open during summer of 2014.

    If you have any questions, contact Larry Gallagher, 523-7121 or Ed Cahall, 523-8883.