Call for mentors

The Faculty Professional Development Program is looking for mentors who are:

  • Interested in supporting new faculty as they develop their careers at Northern Arizona University
  • Willing to share their expertise and experiences around teaching, research, and service
  • Knowledgeable about NAU and committed to making our campus an inviting place for new faculty

In 2002 The Faculty Professional Development Program created a formal Colleague-to-Colleague Mentorship Program to assist new faculty. Since then this program has sought to expand the sense of scholarly community for all faculty at NAU.

Each year we welcome a new group of faculty to the NAU campus. Since new faculty members benefit greatly when they have trusted advisors, as part of their orientation they are invited to be a part of the Colleague-to-Colleague Mentorship Program. Each new faculty member who chooses to participate in the program is then paired with an experienced faculty member who shares her/his interests (usually from a different discipline).

The Faculty Professional Development Program is seeking veteran faculty who are experienced and knowledgeable about the University to serve as mentors to new faculty for the 2012-2013 academic year. Purposeful, mutually enriching matches will be made between new faculty and their veteran faculty mentors.

Mentoring pairs will:

  • Complete a mentor orientation
  • Meet with a new faculty member throughout the academic year
  • Participate in a mid-semester mentorship lunch
  • Commit to the program for one year
  • Provide an evaluation of the program

The Faculty Professional Development Program will provide mentors with:

  • Program Orientation
  • Resources
  • Guidance and support
  • Activities budget

If you are interested in being a part of our mentor pool or have any questions, contact Larry Gallagher, 523-7121 or Ed Cahall, 523-8883.