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The Faculty Professional Development Program offers numerous on-and off-campus enrichment opportunities, including:


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EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Course

Looking for the Pedagogy in Blended Course Design

Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday, August 5
10:00 a.m.
e-Learning Center conference room 305, Gammage Bldg #1
Sponsored by the e-Learning Center.
No registration required.

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The proliferation of blended/hybrid initiatives and resources is heartening and furthering a delivery model that is reaching maturity. However, there is still much to be examined about what organizations promote as models for designed blended courses and how these models are enacted by practitioners. Research in this area has historically focused on learner traits, grades, faculty/learner levels of satisfaction, and/or levels of learner engagement (see Dzuiban, Hartman, and Moskal 2004 and Nagel 2009). But blended learning is more than a simple "flip" of the classroom because it requires careful planning and cautious implementation and may even be transformative for both learner and instructor.

This session will present the findings from a series of studies examining blended best practices, pedagogical practices, and learner preparedness. There is indication that while alignment through an integration of online and face-to-face components is a priority, in actuality courses are location-driven and typically based on pedagogical templates. Most reports advocate a learner-centered approach, yet the variation in approaches indicates that learners must be prepared to adapt to different course designs in ways that acknowledge underlying requirements of the blended format. The presentation topics will include research findings and patterns present and absent across these areas. The session will address mission directly by sharing a range of pedagogical strategies and best practices that are directly aligned with learner success through the axiomatic use of technology to support and facilitate learning.

Learning Objectives

During this course, participants will:
• Identify effective practices that relate to course priorities
• Adopt a layering strategy for organizing the blend
• Utilize a learner-centered approach in the course concept
• Identity and design for needs of the blended learner

NOTE: Participants will be asked to complete assignments in between the course segments that support the learning objectives stated above and will receive feedback and constructive critique from course facilitators on how to improve and shape their work.


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Provost’s Reception for New Faculty

Thursday, August 20
4:30 - 6:30 p.m.
Little America Hotel, Tiffany Tree lounge, 2515 E. Butler Avenue

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Productive Beginnings/New Faculty Orientation 
for New NAU Faculty

Tuesday, August 25
8:00 am – 4:30 p.m.
Ashurst Hall

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