Authorized Driver Policy and FAQ

How does this policy impact university business travel?
The new Authorized Driver Policy has resulted in several changes to the Travel Policy. This policy requires that as of July 1, 2011, a traveler be registered as an Authorized Driver, PRIOR to operating ANY vehicle for the university business. Since the Travel Authorization Form has been updated to reflect this requirement, please consider this new poicy when administering your annual process for the Annual Travel Certification form.
Additionally, the traveler must get permission in writing prior to travel (may be done via email when requesting the business travel) to use a personal vehicle regardless of the destination. Policy also requires a traveler to submit a copy of the liability insurance card before driving a personal motor vehicle on university business. To ease the coordination of this requirement, it is suggested that this be incorporated with the Annual Travel Certification process.

The following travel policy sections have been updated for this change:
Travel Definitions (TRV 505), Responsibilites in the Travel Process (510) and Use of a Personal Motor Vehicle (TRV515-4)

Why is the new Authorized Driver policy required?
Arizona Administrative Code Fleet Safety Policy requires all employees who drive on university business to pass an online defensive driving course and submit their driver’s license number for periodic records review. The law affects all faculty, staff and students who drive any university-owned motorized vehicles or who drive their own personal or rented vehicles for university business and are reimbursed.

How do I become an Authorized Driver
To become an authorized driver register by using the “self service” module. Individuals who may not have an Arizona driver’s license should contact their immediate supervisor so they can request other state licensing records by printing, filling in and faxing the following document Non-Arizona DL Request Form to Certified Background at 910-343-9858

Both the online 90-minute online defensive driving course and the license number registration should be completed before the next time individuals operate a vehicle. All employees should have completed both requirements by Nov. 1. If the steps are not completed, the driver is not eligible to operate or check out an NAU vehicle, or be reimbursed for university travel expenses.

Who do I contact for more information on the Authorized Driver policy?

For questions regarding the Authorized Driver policy, please call

For questions regardin the Annual Travel Certification process or permission to drive a personal vehicle for university business travel, please contact Gerry Barela at (928)523-6064 or