Environmental Caucus Steering Committee

The Caucus has formed a Steering Committee with two year rotating terms as an official operational body. The members of this committee are coming from diverse backgrounds, representing different departments of the university. This diversity contributes to the expansion of opinions and opportunities during Environmental Caucus decision-making processes. Environmental Caucus Steering Committee Meeting occurs one week before the Monthly Environmental Caucus Meeting and is closed to the public.

Position description
Duration: 2 years
  • Participate in a 1-hour meeting once a month with other members of the Steering Committee
  • Contribute ideas about incorporating the culture of sustainability into different aspects of NAU
  • Help plan and coordinate meetings, set priorities and support projects

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Want to apply? 
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If you know the person who, in your opinion, would be a great fit for this position, please forward him/her the link to this web-page to fill out the form mentioned above.

Official Members of the Steering Committee 2015-2016

Caitlyn Burford: Chair, Instructor, School of Communication

Associate Chair: TBD

Jessica Lazor: Environmental Caucus Graduate Assistant, Climate Science and Solutions Program

Rod Parnell: Academic Sustainability Coordinator, School of Earth Science and Environmental Sustainability
Ellen Vaughan: Manager, Office of Sustainability
Dylan Lenzen & Brandon VanBibber: Undergraduate students, Green Jacks Chair & Co-Chair
Aleydis Estrada: Undergraduate student
Avi Henn: GNEI Coordinator, Facility Services
Ted Martinez: Honors lecturer
Agnes Drogi: Director of Planning, Design, and Construction (PDC)
Luis Fernandez: Director of MA in Sustainable Communities
Kimberley Curtis: Lecturer for the University College
Eva Putzova: Director of Planning and Institutional Research
Julie Schutten: Associate Professor, School of Communication
Carl Ramsey: Community Representative, Senior Environmental Inspector and Forensic Investigator
The Environmental Caucus thanks former Steering Committee members
Leah Manak: Undergraduate Student
Sheila Anders: Director for center for International Education
Kristina Aksenova: Environmental Caucus Graduate Assistant
Derek Hansen: Marketing Coordinator, Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
Lindsay Wagner: Manager of Utilities and Infrastructure
Blase Scarnati: Director, First Year Seminar Program
Jim Allen: Director, School of Forestry
Liz Wiggen: Environmental Caucus Graduate Assistant
Cruz Begay: Health Sciences Faculty
Laura Cagney: SESES Grad. Student
Marianne Davis: Capital Assets Project Manager
DeJa Walker: SESES Undergraduate Student
David Schlosberg: Politics & International Affairs Faculty
Megan Stalheim: Franke College of Business Graduate Student
Bruce Hungate: Biology Faculty
Heather Farley: Office of Sustainability Coordinator
Emily Anderson: Sustainable Communities Graduate Student
Kristen Bullard: Cline Librarian
Jacqueline Vaughn: Politics & International Affairs Faculty
Rich Bowen: Economic Development & Sustainability Associate VP
Thomas Rogers: Professor, Office of the President and Extended Campuses
Shelley Silbert: Previous Chair of the Environmental Caucus
Kathee Rose: Cline Library
Rom Coles: Community, Culture & the Environment
Kevin Ordean: M.A. Sustainable Communities Candidate