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Environmental Caucus Action Teams

Detailed description and contact information of the Action Research Teams

Energy Action Team - This action team is to proactively investigate opportunities, build relationships, and let key stakeholders across the country know that NAU is serious about its commitment to decreasing its climate impact.
Contact: Ellen Vaughan to join listserve

Transportation Action Team – Educating and advocating for sustainable transportation alternatives at NAU.
ContactCori Cusker or Derek Hansen

Waste Minimization Action Team by Facility Services- Pursuant to President Haeger’s goal for Northern Arizona University to reach carbon neutrality by 2020 and the University’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, they develop infrastructure and processes that efficiently and effectively minimize all facets of waste generated on or by the NAU campus.
WMT Aversion Team - Create and implement an aversion plan for all materials coming onto campus that will be required to be disposed of through landfill, recycling, compositing, etc.
WMT Diversion Team - Create and implement programs that divert all waste stream materials from the Landfill.    
WMT Reuse Team - Create and implement programs that promote reuse of campus materials. 
Contact: Avi Henn or Nick Koressel

Sustainable Environmental Practices Action Team - Eliminating the use of toxic herbicides, pesticides and other hazardous materials on the NAU campus, facilitating land-based practices that demonstrate sustainable methods.
Contact:  Paul Gazda

Communication Action Team - Spreading awareness and understanding about the structure and purpose of the main sustainability-related organizations on campus: Office of Sustainability, Green NAU, and the Environmental Caucus.

Training Programs

Energy Mentors Program by Facility Services - Become an NAU Energy Mentor! Learn about what the University is doing to reach its carbon neutrality goals and how to engage fellow faculty and staff to help them reduce energy waste. 
Contact: Avi Henn or Nick Koressel
Eco-Reps Program by Residence Life - The role of the Eco-Rep is to provide peer to peer education on how to live more sustainably in NAU residential communities. Eco-Reps serve as a resource and role model to promote environmentally conscious behavior within their residential community/area.
Contact: Cori Cusker

Academic Action Teams

Academic Sustainability Steering Committee  – This is a group of interdisciplinary faculty appointed by the Provost and chaired by the Coordinator for Academic Sustainability. It explores the possibilities for strengthening sustainability education and research, curricula, and co-curricula to enhance sustainability at NAU, in Flagstaff, and the Colorado Plateau region. See Academic Sustainability Steering Committee for more information.
Contact: Coordinator for Academic Sustainability:  Rod Parnell


Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Environmental and Sustainability Programs
B.S/B.A.Interdisciplinary Studies - Environmental Sciences
Graduate Programs focused in Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Academics and Research, Sustainability Action Plan