Environmental Caucus Events

Monthly Environmental Caucus Meetings 

Every meeting is a unique opportunity for everyone in the community to hear, share, and connect about initiatives that move NAU and Flagstaff towards a more sustainable future. By creating a gathering place to collect these ideas and projects, we hope to continue sharing and creating our culture of sustainability. Please check for the dates of the upcoming meetings on our Home page. 

Want to be a guest speaker?
Contact us at environmentalcaucus@nau.edu 

Steering Committee Meetings

The Caucus has formed a Steering Committee with two year rotating terms to plan and coordinate meetings, set priorities, and support projects. The members of this committee are coming from diverse backgrounds, representing different departments of the university. This meeting precedes the Monthly Environmental Caucus Meeting and is closed to the public.
The purpose of the campus sustainability awards is to recognize those who have enhanced the culture of sustainability on the NAU campus and surrounding community. A sustainability award nominee should recognize these links and undertake significant actions resulting in positive impacts to the sustainability our local community. These actions could have a major impact over a short period of time or occur over an extended period. Nominees do not have to be active members of the Environmental Caucus. Applicants must be members of the NAU or local community. 
Nomination categories include:
  • NAU Graduate Student
  • NAU Undergraduate Student
  • NAU Student Organization
  • NAU Faculty/Staff
  • NAU Leadership Award
  • Flagstaff Community Member or Organization

Environmental Caucus Social

This is a unique opportunity to build green networks while enjoying an informal atmosphere. Bring your thoughts and questions to facilitate interesting discussions with those who determine the direction of sustainable development in NAU and Flagstaff community.
The date for the next EC Social will be sent out through the Weekly Announcements.

Green NAU Calendar

Stay informed with current events dedicated to sustainability and community-building. The calendar is updated by both NAU and Flagstaff community members and serves as an integrated listing of all sustainable events in Flagstaff and its surroundings.
If you would like to have your event listed, please e-mail us.