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Using forest fires to prevent forest fires

This policy of fire suppression is one the US has followed for over a century. Some scientists, however, are beginning to question this strategy. There is a growing consensus of researchers who believe suppressing forest fires might actually be causing more severe fires, and worsening climate
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Lack of prescribed burns fuels rise of megafires, ASU fire historian says

With the largest fire in Washington state history raging and the sixth-worst fire season on record in the U.S. since 1960, the nation’s eyes are mesmerized by the lapping flames and expanding smoke clouds of wildfires. An eye-popping 7 million acres have burned in Alaska and the Lower 48 this year.
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NAU researchers study fungi's ability to help trees weather climate change

In the shadow of Sunset Crater, a smattering of pinyon pine, juniper and shrubby Apache plume cling to a shallow layer of soil sandwiched between a black, gravelly mixture of ash and cinders. Catherine Gehring, a professor of plant and fungal ecology at Northern Arizona University, wound through
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California hotshots move from fire to fire as wildfire season blazes on

There are currently 16 active wildfires across California and 11,000 firefighters are on the ground battling the blazes.
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Fighting fire with fire: Prescribed burns take aim at wildfire threats

As bureaucrats in Washington were complaining about growing costs of wildfires Wednesday, forest officials in Arizona were lighting a forest fire – but the two groups are working toward the same goal.
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4FRI thinning project begins on Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff

A 1,017-acre forest thinning project associated with the Four Forest Restoration Initiative began Monday on the Flagstaff Ranger District of the Coconino National Forest.
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Conserving Arizona Forests

While many may associate the southwestern U.S. with only miles of arid desert land, Arizona is actually home to six national forests that include snowcapped mountains, lakes and rivers. In Arizona, where extensive droughts and increasing demand place pressure on limited water supplies, healthy
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Drought affects trees --and global warming -- more than first thought

The sight of drought-stricken trees, their wiry frames bare of leaves or needles, is hardly rare in the forests around Flagstaff. While these victims are highly visible signs of dry, hot years, drought has lasting effects on living trees as well, according to a new study published this week in
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Forests take years to rebound from drought

In the virtual worlds of climate modeling, forests and other vegetation are assumed to bounce back quickly from extreme drought. But that assumption is far off the mark, according to a new study of drought impacts at forest sites worldwide. Living trees took an average of two to four years to
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Wildfire-Related Tragedy Leads to Landmark Forest Restoration Partnership - See more at:

Wildfire-Related Tragedy Leads to Landmark Forest Restoration Partnership
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