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SRP Healthy Forests Conference

Water has been a source of news lately, from the discovery of water on Mars to the exacerbated droughts in California. Concern about water is nothing new to us in our desert state of Arizona, but not everyone knows to be concerned about the one thing that directly impacts our water quality: our
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Forest managers embrace the benefits of fire

As wildfires decimate communities and char landscapes in California and across the Northwest this year, the story of fire in northern Arizona has been almost completely the opposite.
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As Fires Grow, a New Landscape Appears in the West

NEAR COCHITI CANYON, N.M. — The hills here are beautiful, a rolling, green landscape of grasses and shrubs under a late-summer sky. But it is starkly different from what was here before: vast forests of ponderosa pine. The repeated blazes that devastated the trees were caused by simple things: an
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The Science Behind 4FRI: Forest Restoration In Arizona

While held up by politics and economics, the nation’s largest forest thinning project is founded on partnerships and sound science. Even though it is well behind schedule, restoration of southwestern forests may be one of the region's smartest investments.
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Working Together to Restore the Colorado Front Range - See more at:

It started with a call from a concerned landowner living on Pine Country Lane, nestled in the foothills just west of Denver. The landscape spread out before them was scarred from previous high-severity fires, the homeowners told their local Conservation District. Their home was sitting at the top
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Using forest fires to prevent forest fires

This policy of fire suppression is one the US has followed for over a century. Some scientists, however, are beginning to question this strategy. There is a growing consensus of researchers who believe suppressing forest fires might actually be causing more severe fires, and worsening climate
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Lack of prescribed burns fuels rise of megafires, ASU fire historian says

With the largest fire in Washington state history raging and the sixth-worst fire season on record in the U.S. since 1960, the nation’s eyes are mesmerized by the lapping flames and expanding smoke clouds of wildfires. An eye-popping 7 million acres have burned in Alaska and the Lower 48 this year.
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NAU researchers study fungi's ability to help trees weather climate change

In the shadow of Sunset Crater, a smattering of pinyon pine, juniper and shrubby Apache plume cling to a shallow layer of soil sandwiched between a black, gravelly mixture of ash and cinders. Catherine Gehring, a professor of plant and fungal ecology at Northern Arizona University, wound through
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California hotshots move from fire to fire as wildfire season blazes on

There are currently 16 active wildfires across California and 11,000 firefighters are on the ground battling the blazes.
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Fighting fire with fire: Prescribed burns take aim at wildfire threats

As bureaucrats in Washington were complaining about growing costs of wildfires Wednesday, forest officials in Arizona were lighting a forest fire – but the two groups are working toward the same goal.
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