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The Two Wildfires Everyone Should Be Talking About (Op-Ed)

Arizona is no stranger to megafires. The 2002 Rodeo-Chediski Fire and the 2011 Wallow Fire were two of the country's first massive wildfires to make national headlines — each burned nearly 500,000 acres (2,020 square kilometers) of forest. Over the past five years, fires have threatened many
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WILDFIRE: Analysis shows thinned forests were no match for last year's mega-fire in Calif.

Sometimes even the best efforts to return a forest to a less fire-prone state go up in flames.
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Plan to sell burned California trees sends sparks flying

Reuters) - Long, heavy logging trucks, swaying with the weight of charred California pines, wind through the forest near Yosemite National Park, part of an effort to clean up from last year’s devastating wildfires even as new blazes break out this summer. But as the U.S. Forest Service prepares to
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Flagstaff Funds Wildfire Prevention with Bonds

The Arizona city is likely the only in the country to pay for wildfire prevention with bond money and is being looked to as a national model for leveraging federal funds.
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Arizona forest thinning receives aid

Contributions by Boeing, other corporations and even a garden club may someday help forest managers strategically thin Arizona's forests to slow catastrophic wildfires by removing small-diameter trees while preserving the proper mix of old and new trees and grassy clearings.
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Wildfires: Not Always a Brush of Devastation

Over Memorial Day weekend I went on a camping trip to Woods Canyon Lake near Payson, and I realized how valuable a campfire really is. My fellow campers and I were unable to have a campfire due to the dry conditions and the high risk of starting a forest fire. In the last two months, Arizona has
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WILDFIRE: As Ariz.'s San Juan fire rages on, crews tout value of forest-thinning project

Western lawmakers and the Forest Service have long argued that depending on how a forest is managed, a wildfire can be either a natural phenomenon that is a boon to the forest ecosystem, or a costly -- and sometimes deadly -- disaster.
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Forest thinning pays dividends in San Juan Fire

The San Juan Fire turned into a real life forest management laboratory when it burned into a thinned out area, making it less destructive and easier to attack, forest officials said. A dramatic change in the fire's behavior validates the decade long White Mountain Stewardship Project, where
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Aggressive Treatments Underway for Slide Fire Burn Areas

This week, the Coconino National Forest began an aggressive treatment of Oak Creek Canyon’s most severely burned areas from the Slide Fire. As Arizona Public Radio’s Ryan Heinsius reports, one part of that process is so-called heli-mulching
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California’s Record Fire Season Drives Climate Change Into the News

A Media Matters analysis found that California's largest-circulating newspapers are increasingly mentioning how climate change is worsening the state's wildfires. California has faced an extremely early and severe fire season in 2014, in line with climate research showing that over the last four
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