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Forest restoration gets help from state utility giant

Several new watershed restoration and monitoring projects are taking shape around northern Arizona’s forests, but the impetus behind them isn’t a nonprofit, municipality, university or the Forest Service. It’s Salt River Project, the utility that provides water and power to hundreds of thousands of
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Bare winter could spell trouble for Flagstaff

Two words appear again and again on posts to Wing Mountain Snowplay Area’s Facebook page: No Snow. With the last pockets of white disappearing into the forest floor and temperatures hitting the 60s, snowplay area manager Reggie Boyd made the call last week to close for the season.
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New technology helps SRP track river, stream flows, snowmelt, water depth

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then nobody knows better than Salt River Project's Lee Ester, manager of SRP's Water Measurement department. Among other things, Ester's group is tasked with the important job of measuring river and stream flows across SRP's 13,000-square-foot watershed
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Setting the record of Arizona's forests straight

What did northern Arizona’s forests look like hundreds of years ago? How big were the trees? How densely packed? And how often did fire sweep over the landscape? These were crucial questions to answer as the Forest Service pieced together a plan to restore northern Arizona’s forests.The agency is
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Bleak future for warming forest

The wiry branches of a dead ponderosa pierce the skyline of a stretch of forest just north of Walnut Canyon National Monument. The landscape is dotted with these tree skeletons, victims of a severe drought in 2002 and which are now losing their limbs, slowly crumbling back into the soil. It may
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MNA Slide Fire Exhibit: Fire in the frame

On Tuesday, Lynette Jennings closed herself and a helper behind a curtain in the Donald W. Waddell Special Exhibits Gallery at the Museum of Northern Arizona. The afternoon light through a nearby window caught one image, a stand of massive Ponderosa pines engulfed in bright orange. The scene was of
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Understanding Forest Restoration Effects on Water Balance

Cottonwood AZ (January 9, 2015) – On Wednesday, January 21st at 10:30 a.m., speaker Dr. Frances O’Donnell, a post-doctoral scholar at Northern Arizona University, will discuss research that will determine the best methods for monitoring forest moisture before and after forest thinning and
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Science doesn't lie: Forest thinning pays off

Ag prof: An initial $130 million investment for forest thinning now provides more than $20 million each year in regional income.
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Still a burning issue: Forest thinning plan almost done

Five years have passed since federal agencies, environmentalists, businesses and local governments united under an initiative to protect northern Arizona's ponderosa-pine forests.
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How Arizona wildfires impact water supply, economy

Arizona is home to the largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest in North America, with a single stand stretching from near Flagstaff all the way to the White Mountains of the east. And in the last 10 years, 25 percent of it burned, said Patrick Graham, Arizona state director for the Nature
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