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The Changing Face of Southwestern Forests and Forest Products

In the foothills of central New Mexico's Manzano Mountains, Phil Archuletta has seen the signs of the future. In fact, he has seen many signs since he founded P&M Signs in 2009. His business plan is turn small diameter ponderosa pine trees, which few people want, along with plastic milk
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Draft Decision on Nation’s Largest Forest Restoration Plan Released; Open House Scheduled

A major milestone has been reached for the Four Forest Restoration Initiative (4FRI), a partnership between over 30 stakeholders and the U.S. Forest Service. Currently, the U.S. Forest Service is offering an early preview of a draft Record of Decision (DROD) and the project’s phase one
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Study: Climate change will make wildfires worse

PHOENIX –– While Arizona’s most recent fire season was relatively tame, one study argues that the worst may be yet to come due to climate change.
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Making a (better) case for forest restoration

Two studies published last month reaffirm the benefit of local forest treatment projects from both an economic perspective and an ecological one. The study calculated the potential wildfire and flood-related costs that will be avoided with the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project. The other
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Fighting fire with fire in Flagstaff, literally

Firefighters are taking advantage of perfect conditions for controlled burns, which can create smoky conditions now but help prevent catastrophic wildfires down the road
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Cable logging concerns dominate Flagstaff watershed protection comments

Since Flagstaff voters approved the $10 million Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project in 2012, the project has become a closely watched and carefully scrutinized example of what a community-funded forest treatment plan should look like.
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How much would you pay to clean up Verde watershed?

VERDE VALLEY - Everything flows downstream eventually. That includes sediment from bad roads. That includes ashy flood runoff after forest fires. That is why the Salt River Project has climbed on board with the National Forest Foundation to protect the state's major watersheds. Eventually, a lot
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Forestry 101

For three days on the North Rim, artists were bombarded with a slew of fire-themed jargon managers and ecologists threw around like DAID ping pong balls at a wildfire. A host of National Park Service fire managers, Southwest Fire Science Consortium and Landscape Conservation Initiative coordinators
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Where raging fires were the norm

In the vast ponderosa pine forests that stretch across northern Arizona, decades of research have shown that low-severity, frequent fires were the historical norm. But a new study out of the University of Colorado cautions that those same assumptions don’t apply to higher elevation, mixed conifer
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City and NAU team up to study owls

The city of Flagstaff is teaming up with Northern Arizona University to monitor the habitat of Mexican spotted owls during the city's forest thinning program. Council will vote on an intergovernmental agreement with NAU for the study at its 4 p.m. meeting Tuesday at City Hall, 211 W. Aspen Ave.
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