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Forest thinning closer to ballot

The Flagstaff City Council is closer to asking voters to approve spending millions of dollars to protect the city's main surface water supply from contamination in the event of a catastrophic wildfire.
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Waldo Canyon is latest super fire; get used to them, expert says

So-called super fires -- like the fire currently rampaging through the Colorado Springs area, spurring mass evacuations, destroying property and endangering lives -- are not going away.
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100 days of science: Professor a leader in Arizona forest restoration

William Wallace Covington, a Regents' professor, has developed a process to restore overgrown pine forests closer to their original conditions.
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Arizona forests' future hinges on delicate balance

Inside a stainless-steel freezer at Northern Arizona University's research greenhouse, clear plastic bags bulge with ponderosa-pine seeds, each bag marked with the location where students and workers collect the pinecones each autumn.
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Forest-thinning strategy credited for saving Alpine from 2011 fire

The power was out the night last June when the Wallow Fire crested South Mountain above town. Smoke was so thick, the flames were invisible until they blew up into the crowns of the ponderosa-pine trees on the steep slopes. Read more:
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Arizona fire damage brings forests closer to collapse

On a dry day in May 2002, Arizona Gov. Jane Dee Hull boarded a Blackhawk helicopter in Show Low with her forest and wildfire advisers and Wally Covington, director of the Ecological Restoration Institute at Northern Arizona University. Read more:
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US wildfires fuel urgency for forest restoration

As firefighters battle blazes in New Mexico and Colorado that have forced evacuations and destroyed hundreds of structures, the U.S. Forest Service chief is renewing his call to restore forests to a more natural state, where fire was a part of the landscape.
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Is Verde Valley in cross hairs of a mega fire?

Firefighting crews are hoping to fully contain the Gladiator Fire, burning in the Bradshaw Mountains south and west of the Verde Valley, this weekend.
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100 days of science: US created its first experimental forest

The Fort Valley Experimental Forest, initially called the Coconino Experiment Station, is northwest of Flagstaff.
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NAU Regents’ Professor appointed to federal forest policy committee

Renowned for his work in revolutionizing forest restoration practices, Northern Arizona University Regents’ Professor William Wallace “Wally” Covington, Ph.D., has been selected to help shape a 20-year national forest management policy that emphasizes conservation and landscape-scale restoration.
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