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Decades after the Radio Fire, how Mount Elden's recovery is playing out

The smooth white trunks of what were once towering conifers stand like twisted tombstones at the top of Mount Elden. Standing tall on grass-covered slopes, the trees serve as stark markers of the Radio Fire, a blaze that started from an abandoned campfire, then raced up and over the mountain 40
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4FRI looks to reboot

In mid-March Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell received a stern letter from the office of Arizona’s senior senator. The letter from Sen. John McCain focused on the largest contractor on the 2.4 million-acre Four Forest Restoration Initiative, or 4FRI. The company, Good Earth Power AZ, had thinned
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Managed wildfires could be doing more in forests around Flagstaff

ach spring and summer when lightning strikes in northern Arizona’s ponderosa pine forests, fire managers no longer rush to suppress any flame that may be sparked. In recent years their charge has been to instead evaluate whether a naturally-caused fire could be allowed to burn for the benefit of
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Wildfire, flood risks spur forest thinning near Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — A project to thin the forests of overgrown trees and brush around Flagstaff will expand this year to reduce the risk of wildfires and flooding.
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Wildfire evolution forces Forest Service into new thinking

MISSOULA, Mont. (AP) — When a forest fire threatens your house and you have minutes to run, do you know what you plan to grab besides your family? The photo albums? Computer hard drive? Tax records? Gun collection? Clean underwear? The U.S. Forest Service faces a much bigger version of that
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NAU study shows value of some wildfire in forest restoration

FLAGSTAFF — A study conducted by the Ecological Research Institute at Northern Arizona University and recently published in a scientific journal shows that moderate- and low-intensity wildfires offer some value to forest managers in meeting forest restoration goals.
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Using tablets for tree thinning

Although the use of special paint to mark trees has long been standard practice to guide forest thinning operations, the city of Flagstaff, with help from The Nature Conservancy, is trying out a new technology on some portions of the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project. Instead of physically
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Forest thinning accelerates around Flagstaff

Now entering its fifth year, the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project, or FWPP, is poised for a major ramp-up in forest thinning activities in 2017. And much of the work will be taking place next door to Flagstaff neighborhoods as well as throughout popular recreation areas.
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Study: Managed Wildfires a Mixed Success for Ponderosa Pine Forests

The U.S. Forest Service allowed fire to burn more than 73,500 acres in northern Arizona last year. New research examines how well these “managed wildfires” restore healthy, historic conditions to ponderosa pine forests.
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Coal burning plant experiments with burning woody biomass

A group of hardhat-clad utility officials and journalists braced themselves against a bitter December breeze on Friday as they watched a metal chute spill a stream of wood chips onto a conveyor of jet black coal. Churning along at a rate of 1,000 tons per hour, the coal was headed up to the giant
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