University Digital Copier Program


Konica-Minolta Business Solutions USA has been awarded a multi-year University contract for digital copier services, replacing the previous University contract with Konica-Minolta. The contract permits University departments the option to lease equipment for a five year term, or to purchase equipment outright. Inquiries on the program should be directed to Contracting and Purchasing Services (CPS).    


A Konica-Minolta representative will contact University departments for an assessment review of their current digital copier needs when the department’s existing equipment is nearing the end of its five year term. A quote, or quotes, shall be provided by Konica-Minolta to the department for review and approval. The department may choose to accept the quote(s) provided, or request revised quotes as needed. Once a quote is accepted by the department, it should be forwarded to CPS for review and final approval. Once approved by CPS, an order may then be placed adhering to standard procurement Policies and Procedures. For additional digital copier needs not related to existing equipment, the department shall contact Konica-Minolta for a quote and then follow the same processes outlined above.   

Service and Supplies

Service and supplies are included on all leased digital copier equipment (excluding paper). They may be ordered on-line or by phone (800) 352-3080. When placing an order, provide the Konica-Minolta ID Number listed on the front of the equipment. Do not order service and supplies for leased equipment elsewhere.   

Payment Options

Payments to Konica-Minolta totaling under $5,000 may be made through a University purchasing card, or with a Peoplesoft Financials DPT Origin purchase order. Payments for over $5,000 shall be made with a Peoplesoft Financials PUR Origin purchase order. Contact Contracting and Purchasing Services for additional guidance on payment if needed.

Capital Equipment

Digital copier equipment purchased outright shall be tagged and inventoried as capital equipment if the total purchase price exceeds $5,000. The total purchase price shall include tax, freight and any other charges.

Property Administration shall be responsible for equipment tagging and inventory processes.

Equipment Return/Disposal
Pursuant to Arizona Department of Administration Technical Bulletin No. 15, copier hard drive devices shall be scrubbed clean of all stored encrypted data prior to being returned or disposed of. This may be accomplished prior to removal by placing a service call with Konica-Minolta to scrub the hard drive and prevent any additional data from being stored.  

Konica-Minolta Contacts

John F. Guinan
Sales Manager
(928) 779-0497 x 401 Phone
(928) 779-1605 Fax
(928) 853-1435 Cell
Mike Miller
Government Education Specialist
(928) 600-3990 Phone
(928) 779-1605 Fax

Contracting and Purchasing Services Contact

Glenn Birkett
Senior Buyer
Contracting and Purchasing Services
(928) 523-6094 Phone
(928) 523-1343 Fax