Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice – online option

NAU Students seeking a BS in CCJ may complete their degree online if they can establish a need for online instruction (i.e., they are unable to attend Mountain Campus classes) and have an Associate of Arts Degree an accredited regional Community College that include 9 units of lower division course credit deemed equivalent to CCJ 101 Introduction to Crime and Justice and CCJ 250 Criminology (6 units) and one course (3 units) equivalent to any lower division course in the NAU CCJ course catalog. Admission is based in part on student need and program capacity. 

The application process involves two steps:
1. Apply to Northern Arizona University: This application is available online at Students should indicate on this application that they are seeking the Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Official transcripts of all previous college credits must be submitted in order to be admitted as a degree-seeking student. 
2. Apply to the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice: Once you have been accepted to the University, contact the CCJ BS On-Line Degree Coordinator to request the departmental application form.