Changes and Clarifications to Comptroller Policy and Procedure


The university has updated travel policies to remain consistent with the State of Arizona Accounting Manual published by the Arizona General Accounting Office. The following policies have been changed and are effective immediately.

Rates for M&IE and Lodging for some cities have changed.

Please make sure that you are using the latest Maximum Mileage, Lodging, Meal, Parking and Incidental Expense Reimbursement Rates chart as some rates have increased.

TRV 540-01: Meals

Point 5 - If suitable meals cannot be obtained within a reasonable walking distance of lodging or temporary duty post then the meal reimbursement rate includes the cost of the meal, tax, tip and the cost of transportation between places of lodging or business and places where meals are acquired or consumed.

Point 6 - Meals that are reimbursed to a traveler when the travel does not involve an overnight stay or a substantial period of sleep or rest are taxable income to the traveler.

TRV 540-02: Meals Involving Overnight Stays

Please note that this policy has been rewritten in its entirety to explain changes to the location that should be used for meals, day of departure/day of return limits, etc.

TRV 540-03: Provided Meals

Point 3 - A continental breakfast or similar repast served at a conference or other gathering or provided at a lodging establishment at no cost to the traveler constitutes a meal whether or not it contains protein and no reimbursement for breakfast will be allowed when such meals have been provided. Related policy: CMP 540-04: Special Dietary Needs.

TRV 540-05: Daily Meal Reimbursement Limits

Please note that this policy has been rewritten to provide guidance regarding the deduction of a meal reimbursement when a meal has been provided to a traveler at no cost. This policy provides guidance necessary to determine the amount of reduction, which is related to the time of day at the location where the meal is provided. 

TRV 540-07: Single Day and Extended Day Meal Reimbursements   Please note that this is new policy that allows for meals that are consumed while more than 50 miles from the primary duty post and in travel for more than 6 (single day) or 12 (extended day) hours. These reimbursements are taxable to the traveler. A new Expense Type has been added in PeopleSoft Financials to accommodate this change in policy.


Please contact if you have any questions.