Kees Jan van Groenigen

Kees Jan van Groenigen
Northern Arizona University
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  • global change
  • agronomy
  • carbon cycle
  • soil microbiology
  • greenhouse gases


Bsc in Soil, Water and Atmosphere from Wageningen University (1999)
Msc in Soil Science (specialization “Soil formation and ecopedology”) from Wageningen University (2002)
PhD in Environmental Sciences from Wageningen University (2007)

Research focus 

I study how management practices and changes in atmospheric conditions affect the flow of C and N through ecosystems. To do this, I often use meta-analytic techniques to synthesize findings in my field of research. I also study the role of soil microbes in C and N cycling processes, using techniques such as incubation experiments and analyses of biomarkers.

Big-picture career goal 

Through my research, I hope to increase understanding of how land ecosystems respond to and influence global environmental change.

Personal note

I enjoy working in  my garden, being opinionated, and outdoor activities such as running and drinking beer with friends.

Selected publications

van Groenigen KJ, Forristal D, Smyth N, Jones M, Hungate BA, Schwartz E, Dijkstra P, 2013. Using metabolic tracer techniques to assess the impact of tillage and straw management on microbial carbon use efficiency in soil. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 66, 139-145.

Lubbers IM, van Groenigen KJ, Fonte SJ, Six J, Brussaard L, van Groenigen JW, 2013. Greenhouse-gas emissions from soils increased by earthworms. Nature Climate Change 3, 187-194.

van Groenigen KJ, van Kessel C, Hungate BA, 2013. Increased greenhouse-gas intensity of rice production under future atmospheric conditions. Nature Climate Change 3, 288-291.

Linquist B, Van Groenigen KJ, Adviento-Borbe A, Pittelkow C, Van Kessel C, 2012. An agronomic assessment of greenhouse gas emissions from major cereal crops. Global Change Biology, 18: 194-209.

Van Groenigen KJ, Osenberg CW, Hungate BA, 2011. Increased soil emissions of potent greenhouse gases under elevated CO2. Nature, 475: 214-216.

Van Groenigen KJ, Bloem J, Bååth E, Boeckx P, Rousk J, Bode S, Forristal D, Jones MB, 2010. Abundance, production and stabilization of microbial biomass under conventional and reduced tillage. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 42: 48-55.

Hungate BA, van Groenigen KJ, Six J, Jastrow JD, Luo Y, de Graaff MA, van Kessel C, Osenberg CW, 2009. Assessing the effect of elevated CO2 on soil C: a comparison of four meta-analyses. Global Change Biology 15: 2020-2034

Current projects

Will global change cause soil carbon loss? 

(IRCSET-Marie Curie International Mobility Fellowship in Science, Engineering and Technology)

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