Nicolas Umstattd

Nicolas Umstattd
Northern Arizona University


Graduate Student M.S. Biology

Lab Technician Colorado Plateau Stable Isotope Lab


B.S. In Biology Northern Arizona University (2008)

Research Focus

Umstattd’s research focuses on seasonal water use in the Northern Arizona Ponderosa Pine forest. His research focuses on understory grass species and various age groups of Ponderosa pine.

Other Achievements, Honors, Awards

Selected for the Conservation and Land Management (CLM) internship program to assist biologists and other professional staff at the Bureau of Land Management.

Big-picture Career Goal

Through research, Umstattd would like to contribute to a greater understanding of the impact of global environmental change on terrestrial plant communities.

Personal Note

Umstattd enjoys backpacking in the southwest, as well as skateboarding and snowboarding.

Current Projects

Seasonal water use within Ponderosa pine forests.

Production and use of metabolic water in soil microbial communities