Martin Stiles

Martin Stiles
Northern Arizona University


B.S. in Environmental Science, B.A. in French, Emory & Henry College (2013)

Research Focus

Stream ecology, aquatic food webs, microbial biogeochemistry, and watershed management

Other Achievements, Honors, Awards

2014 EPAZ Scholar.
Member of Gamma Theta Upsilon and Pi Delta Phi National Honor Societies (2012), as well as the National Collegiate Honors Council (2013).

Big-picture Career Goal

After completing my M.S. degree at NAU, I hope to work in the field of water resource management and environmental policy in Arizona.

Personal Note

Martin writes for the outdoor recreation website, Render the Adventure.

Selected Publications

Stiles, Lyman M., Bier, Sara, Davis, E. (in review) Comparative river restoration approaches: dam removal and monitoring. The Geographical Bulletin.

Current Projects

Previously, I have been involved in watershed management techniques and river restoration research. Focusing on dam removal effects on ecosystems lead me to Fossil Creek, AZ, where I was introduced to the Marks Lab at Northern Arizona University.

For my MS thesis, I am studying food webs and fluxes of C and N in freshwater ecosystems. Currently, I am working at Oak Creek, researching microbial assimilation of nutrients from labeled leaves and the water column. This is in preparation for a stable isotope probe (SIP) analysis at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, where we will be using NanoSIMS technology to look at aquatic microbial communities and their sources of C and N.