Rodolfo Martinez Morales


B.Sc. in Agronomy and Soil Science, University of Chapingo, Mexico (1989)

M. Sc. in Agronomy and Soil Science, University of Hawaii (1994)

Ph.D. in Forestry, GIS and Remote Sensing, University of Hawaii (2010)

Research Focus

Environmental Monitoring: use of satellite imagery and image processing technologies for classification and land cover mapping. GIS database design, geo-statistics and visualization of geospatial data for spatial pattern analysis.

 Landscape and Ecosystem Ecology:  use of remote sensing and GIS technologies for studies of ecosystem structure, function and biodiversity in the context of conservation and management. Biophysical and biochemical information extraction from satellite imagery for landscape and regional characterization of forest health and productivity, invasive species and fires using multi-scale approaches.

Other Achievements, Honors, Awards

Best PhD research in 2008 and 2010, Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Big-picture Career Goal

To determine how various landscape-scale land, vegetation and hydrological processes are changing due to climate change effects and how forest management actions are mitigating short and long term changes.

Personal Note

Rodolfo enjoys hiking, picnicking, soccer and dancing salsa.

Selected Publications

Martinez Morales, R. (2012). Using Remotely Sensed Imagery for Forest Resource Assessment and Inventory, in Forest Ecosystems-More than Just Trees (Eds. Juan A. Blanco and Yueh-Hsin Lo,, INTECH, Open Access Company, Rijeka, Croatia.

Martinez Morales, R., Idol, T. and Chen, Q. (2012). Classification of Koa (Acacia koa) forest stands across an environmental gradient in Hawai‘i using fine resolution remotely sensed imagery, International Journal of Remote Sensing, 33(11), 3492-3511.

Martinez Morales, R., Idol, T. and Friday, J.B. (2011). Remote sensing of Acacia koa forest health across elevation and climate gradients in Hawaii, Sensors, 11, 5677-5694; doi:10.3390/s110605677.

Martinez Morales, R. and Idol, T. (2010). Using remote sensing to assess forest structure and growth at the tree level. Hawaii Forest Journal, Vol. 5, August 2010.

Martinez Morales, R., Miura T, and Idol TW. (2008). An assessment of Hawaiian dry forest condition and restoration potential with fine resolution remote sensing. Forest Ecology and Management, 255:2524-2532.

Current and Future Projects

  • Effects of the 2000s drought on forest hydrology in Northern Arizona. 
  • Impacts of fires and other forest mortality agents on key components of state and regional hydrology.
  • Do past and current management actions help to maintain water availability during drought for the forest itself and for other ecosystems and people?.
  • What are the key interactions between past and current forest management and climate change that would help to address forest management needs in critical areas.
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