Benjamin Moan

Benjamin Moan Assistant Director, Colorado Plateau Analytical Laboratory
Northern Arizona University


B.S. in Geology from Northern Arizona University (2003)

In progress: M. E. in Water Resources Engineering from Northern Arizona University (2014, anticipated)

Work focus

Ben manages the Environmental Analysis portion of the lab, which consists of atomic absorption, ion chromatography, gas chromatography, and spectrophotometry. In the Colorado Plateau Stable Isotope portion of the lab, Ben is responsible for isotope analysis of nitrate in water, dissolved carbon in water, and carbonates, along with database management and invoicing.

Other achievements, honors, awards

Member of the Northern Arizona University Chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) USA, Vice President 2007/2008, President 2008/2009.

Traveled to Ghana, West Africa in July of 2007 with EWB to analyze water samples and assess the drinking water needs of a rural community.

Workshop coordinator for EWB Mountain Regional Workshop, October 2009.

Undergraduate research experience compiling geologic maps, drawing cross sections, and creating fault budgets to study faulting and extension of the southwest corner of the Colorado Plateau; poster presented at the Geological Society of America, May 2003 Rocky Mountain Section Meeting in Durango, CO.

Passed the NCEES “Fundamentals of Engineering Exam,” Environmental Engineering Emphasis, October, 2011.

Big-picture career goal

Ben is interested in comprehensive water management. As communities grow and develop, the demand for clean fresh water increases. Resource options may include new reservoirs, wells, conservation, treatment of polluted sources, or a combination of all of these. Ben would like to help identify the best possible solution, taking into consideration cost, sustainability, and impact on surrounding communities and the environment.

Personal note

Ben enjoys hiking, running, camping, backpacking, music, and traveling.

Current projects

Analysis of d15N-NO3 and d18O-NO3 in water samples and soil extracts for multiple projects.

Dissolved carbon stable isotope analysis for multiple projects.

Development of techniques for identifying and quantifying water soluble organic compounds using liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry (LC/MS).