Bri Finley

Bri Finley Graduate Student
Northern Arizona University


B.S. in Environmental Science from Northern Arizona University (2012)

Research Focus

My research interests involve investigating how human activities affect nutrient cycling in terrestrial systems and possible feedbacks to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.  My interests range from microbial ecology to global change questions. 

Other Achievements, Honors, Awards

In 2010, I received a NASA undergraduate research fellowship for climate change research. 

Big-picture Career Goal

I am interested in continuing research to address pressing ecological questions as well as developing outreach programs to connect people outside the scientific community to help solve environmental problems.    

Personal Note

I enjoy backpacking, writing, and yoga, and playing the baritone sax. 

Current Projects

Biological and mineralogical controls over soil carbon cycling across multiple ecosystems: a focus on the priming effect

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