Jamie Brown

Jamie Brown Assistant Director, Colorado Plateau Stable Isotope Laboratory
Northern Arizona University


M.S. in Biology from Northern Arizona University

Research Focus

Brown’s research focuses on predicting feedbacks to global change through the production and consumption of the greenhouse gasses CO2, CH4, and N2O by microorganisms across multiple ecosystems. Brown has also participated in research into carbon and nitrogen cycling by microorganisms in geothermal springs through stable isotope probing.


Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment

Tengchong PIRE project

Merriam Powell Center for Environmental Research

Big-picture Career Goal

Brown hopes to contribute to the understanding of dynamic microbial processes through the development of innovative in-situ measuring techniques.

Personal Note

Brown enjoys traveling, paddle boarding, snowboarding, cynicism, and happy hour.

Selected Publications

Jamie R Brown, Joseph C Blankinship, Audrey Niboyet, Kees Jan van Groenigen, Paul Dijkstra, Xavier Le Roux, Paul W Leadley, Bruce A Hungate: Effects of Multiple Global Change Treatments on Soil N2O Fluxes. Biogeochemistry 01/2012; 109:85-100.

B P Hedlund, A I McDonald, J Lam, J A Dodsworth, J R Brown, B A Hungate: Potential role of Thermus thermophilus and T. oshimai in high rates of nitrous oxide (N2O) production in 80 °C hot springs in the US Great Basin.. Geobiology 09/2011; 9(6):471-80.

Audrey Niboyet, Xavier Le Roux, Laure Barthes, Bruce A Hungate, Paul Dijkstra, Joseph C Blankinship, Jamie R Brown, Christopher B Field, Paul W Leadley: Testing interactive effects of global environmental changes on soil nitrogen cycling. Ecosphere. 01/2011; 2.

Audrey Niboyet, Jamie R Brown, Paul Dijkstra, Joseph C Blankinship, Paul W Leadley, Xavier Le Roux, Laure Barthes, Romain L Barnard, Christopher B Field, Bruce A Hungate: Global change could amplify fire effects on soil greenhouse gas emissions.. PLoS ONE 01/2011; 6(6):e20105.

Joseph C. Blankinship, Jamie R. Brown, Paul Dijkstra, Bruce A. Hungate: Effects of interactive global changes on methane uptake in an annual grassland. Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences. 01/2010; 115.

Joseph C. Blankinship, Jamie R. Brown, Paul Dijkstra, Michael C. Allwright, Bruce A. Hungate: Response of Terrestrial CH4 Uptake to Interactive Changes in Precipitation and Temperature Along a Climatic Gradient. Ecosystems 13(8):1157-1170.

Current Project

Tengchong PIRE: Toward a holistic and global understanding of hot spring ecosystems: A US-China based international collaboration