Matt Belus

Matt Belus
Northern Arizona University


Undergraduate Student at Northern Arizona University

Researcher for NASA Climate Change Fellowship


I am studying Environmental Science with an emphasis in Biology and Environmental Studies.

Research focus

My research seeks to understand how fungal communities change in response to altered precipitation and increased temperature. I am using data and samples from the Hungate et. al. experiment along the Merriam Powell elevation gradient on the San Francisco Peaks.

Other achievements, honors, awards

Dean’s list for 2 years

Certified Eagle Scout

Recipient of Public Anthropology Award

Big-picture Career Goal

I am interested in using my degrees to improve our nation’s food system through scientific research and community involvement. I want to use the ideas and knowledge that I am acquiring from climate change research to encourage people to change the way our society interacts with the ecosystems that sustain us. I plan to further my education after my undergraduate career by going to graduate school in the Sustainable Communities program or other applicable research areas. 

Personal Note

I enjoy rock climbing, biking, playing samba music, and backpacking.

Current Projects

I am currently working on a NASA undergraduate research fellowship on climate change. Through this fellowship I am seeking to understand how climate change, as predicted for the Southwest, will affect soil fungal communities. I will be using Quantitative Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction methods to assess how fungal abundance changes in respect to experimental and controlled plots.