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Giant forest fires exterminate spotted owls, long-term study finds

As climate changes and wildfires get larger, hotter and more frequent, how should public lands in the American West be managed to protect endangered creatures that, like the spotted owl, rely on fire-prone old-growth forests?
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Forest Service begins second 4FRI analysis

More than a year after completing its first environmental analysis for northern Arizona’s Four Forest Restoration Initiative, the Forest Service has begun a second environmental planning process encompassing the eastern portion of the 2.4 million-acre project.
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Study: Climate change increases Arizona's wildfire threat

Researchers say to expect hotter years, bigger fires.
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Wildfires And High Temperatures Scorch The Western U.S.

Five years of drought, 100-plus temperatures and gusting winds: Firefighters in Southern California are facing dangerous conditions as they battle two day-old fires east of Los Angeles. And they're not alone. Wildfires are raging in several Western states as a heat wave grips the region.
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Flagstaff wildfire prevention cited among ‘best in class’ for nation

WASHINGTON – A Flagstaff program that aims to prevent wildfires by thinning the forest surrounding the city was named a national “best in class” Tuesday in a report on use of natural defenses against catastrophes. The report by the National Wildlife Federation cited Flagstaff’s wildfire prevention
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El Nino adds fuel to Southwestern fires

In California, Arizona and New Mexico, an underperforming weather pattern increased wildfire risk.
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Arizona Warm Fire 10 Years Later: A Cautionary Tale

June 8, 2016, marks 10 years since the Warm Fire sparked controversy north of the Grand Canyon. Fire managers decided to manage the blaze to get rid of dense fuels. But days later strong wind gusts pushed the fire beyond its boundary and changed the landscape for centuries to come.
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Can cutting down trees protect New Mexico’s water?

A new collaboration seeks to ease wildfire’s impacts by thinning overgrown forests.
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Canada wildfire raises safety issues close to home

FORT MCMURRAY, Alberta—After a flare-up in the woods exploded into a blaze that threatened to engulf the entire community, the local fire chief ordered his overwhelmed firefighters to retreat from the front lines.
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Forecasters Expect Very Active Wildfire Season

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Arizonans recently watched with concern as a mega-wildfire swept across northeastern Alberta, Canada, forcing the evacuation of more than 100,000 people. Forecasters say the same conditions that caused the blaze in Canada also could bring a very active fire season to Arizona and
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