Challenge Course

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The Challenge Course is a series of adventure-based learning activities that build community in your company, class, or organization. Your group will work together through mental and physical challenges so that both the group and individuals can succeed. Each Challenge Course program is highly customizable, whether you desire a recreational or developmental experience; our highly training facilitators will work with your goals to provide your group the most enriching experience possible. 

The Challenge Course is great for:

  • NAU students
  • Clubs
  • Classes
  • Youth groups and organizations
  • Faculty/Staff trainings and retreats
  • Schools (5th grade and up)
  • Sports teams
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Social gatherings
  • Family reunions
  • Corporate trainings
  • Private organizations
  • Birthday parties
  • Scout groups
  • Summer camps
  • Anyone!

Unsure if the course is right for your group?

Our staff is happy to visit your Flagstaff location for a free 15-30 minute presentation on the Challenge Course experience. Simply contact the office to schedule a presentation.

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