Letter from the Campaign Chair


When I attended Northern Arizona University 38 years ago, the campus looked very different than it does today. Today, there are more students, more programs, more options, and more academic, residential, and recreational buildings. Yet, NAU is still, in the heart, the same university I attended all those years ago.

Only at NAU is there a culture that encourages the close interactions between students and faculty.  Education is personal, and at NAU it is an experience that forms us. Through mentoring, support programs, and research opportunities, students grow as not only students, but as people. Just as NAU marked the definitive time in my life then, it changes the lives of students now.  

This is your invitation to join The Campaign for NAU, and to fulfill that promise for future generations of students. This Campaign will allow us to focus on the students, faculty, and programs that make NAU successful. Your contribution will go directly to students and the programs that support them.

For more than 100 years, our students, faculty, staff, and alumni have been changing the world for the better. Will you join them?


Hank Peck
Chair, Campaign for NAU