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Whether you want to be a teacher, counselor, school psychologist, or school leader, one thing is certain: you are passionate about inspiring others. At Northern Arizona University, we’ll prepare you to be a leader in education—so you can make a difference for the rest of your life.

Northern Arizona University has long been recognized as a leader in education, in Arizona and beyond. We offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that blend the best of past successes and modern innovations in teaching, and allow you to work closely with our accomplished education faculty.

If you want nothing less than excellence in your teacher-preparation schooling, we welcome and invite you to learn more about the College of Education and what it can offer you.

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College of Education Points of Pride

We are committed to quality education and to diversity.

  • The university is currently the only institution in the state of AZ to be accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education.
  • The university was ranked 7th in the nation for providing degrees in education to all minorities.
  • The historical roots of Northern Arizona University are in education (Northern Arizona Normal School, 1899).
  • We are 4th in the nation for granting bachelor's degrees for Native Americans.
  • We are 1st in the nation for granting master's degrees for Native Americans.