BA or BS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Early Childhood Education

If you want to work with preschool and primary school-aged children but plan to enter an occupation that requires a broad general education, this interdisciplinary Academic Catalog Listingdegree in early childhood education is for you. 

Join our small class sizes, where you are guaranteed to receive the individual attention you need. For this degree, you are not required to complete student teaching.

Degree requirements

To earn the Interdisciplinary Studies degree, you must complete at least 120 units of course work:

  • at least 35 units of liberal studies requirements 
  • at least 57-68 units of major requirements for the BA—or at least 60-67 units of major requirements for the BS. This includes:
    • a specialization (21 units)
    • either a concentration, or certificate (15 units)
  • BA/BS Interdisciplinary Studies requirements (21-25 units)
    • the BA carries a language proficiency requirement
    • the BS carries a science requirement
    • elective courses, if needed, to reach an overall total of at least 120 units

This degree does not result in teacher certification.

Academic Catalog Listing 

See the academic catalog for full details on these degrees, including course listings and emphasis requirements.