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ERIC Test Preparation Resources

At a minimum, test preparation helps a student become familiar with the types of questions on a test. In many cases, test preparation is essentially concentrated study. I believe many large test preparation companies are successful for many students simply because they impose rigor and discipline. If one is able to provide their own rigor and discipline, then a good test preparation guide many prove helpful. In recent years, more interactive products have become available. When I went back to school at age 44, I bought both a CD-ROM and a guide. I never installed the CD, I did study the book and take practice tests and received a score in the 97th percentile on the GMAT. - Lawrence Rudner, Ph.D., MBA, Director, ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation. 

EXCET -Test Preparation Resources from Texas 

This manual is designed to help examinees prepare for one of the tests of the Examination for the Certification of Educators in Texas (ExCET) program. Becoming familiar with the test competencies, test item formats, and ideas for preparation resources will be useful for test preparation. Education faculty and program administrators at educator preparation programs may also find this information useful as they help examinees prepare for the test.

Writing Resources

Online Writing Lab 
The OWL allows you to submit your piece of writing through email at anytime, from any place.  During writing center hours, one of the WA's on duty will handle your submission, offering feedback in the way that fits your style and your schedule.  
Hunter College Writing Center 
The Hunter College Writing Center is a comprehensive writing service designed for the entire college community. 
Purdue Writing Resources (OWL) 
Purdue offers a number of handouts for students and teachers. This is a free link to the handouts where they can be printed.  Handouts are grouped into categories and each category has a separate index. 
Academic Writing Resources 
This site provides students with academic writing assistance as well as a writing handbook. 

Additional Web-Based Writing Resources



Claremont College Writing Assistance