Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take the NES® or AEPA® ?
Any teacher candidate who is seeking certification and does not currently hold an Arizona teaching certificate must take the NES® or AEPA® . This includes those who are graduating from a teacher preparation program at a university and those who are moving to Arizona who may hold a teaching certificate in another state. Please note: If you have a valid teaching certificate from another state, you may not be required to take one or more of the NES® or AEPA® tests. Please refer to the Arizona Department of Education for more information about teaching certificate reciprocity. 
How do I register for the NES® or AEPA® ?
Pearson Education, Inc. is the testing company that administers the test. You can register through Pearson Education, Inc. by mail, phone or via Internet. The registration bulletin is available only on-line at the Pearson Education, Inc. web site. To register online, go to the Pearson Education, Inc. site.
Which test(s) should I register for?
Most teacher candidates need to register to take the Professional Knowledge Test (either elementary or secondary) and at least one subject test. Elementary teacher candidates must take the Elementary Professional Knowledge exam (91) and the Elementary Education Subject Knowledge exam (01). Secondary teacher candidates must take the Secondary Professional Knowledge exam (92) and the appropriate subject knowledge exam. Special Education teacher candidates who graduate form NAU’s dual major program will also need to take the Cross Categorical Special Education Subject test (22). If you have any questions about which test to take refer to the Arizona Department of Education home page.
When should I take the NES® or AEPA® ?
The NES® or AEPA® should be taken far enough in advance so that the test scores can be verified by the time you are seeking employment. Your NES® or AEPA® test scores are a key aspect of being granted an Arizona teaching certificate. Most teacher candidates take the NES® or AEPA® either right before or during student teaching.
How much does the NES® or AEPA® cost?
The Professional Knowledge exam costs $80. Each subject test costs $70. The registration fee is $35. The total cost is $185 for an elementary or secondary teacher candidate. For each additional subject test that must be taken, add $105 to the total cost (this includes the $70 test fee and the $35 registration fee).
Where is the NES® or AEPA® administered?
There are several testing sites around Arizona. When registering for the NES® or AEPA® you will be asked to indicate your first and second choice sites. You will receive directions to the exact testing location in the mail a couple weeks after you submit your registration. Please refer to the Pearson Education, Inc. Website for testing locations outside of Arizona.
When and how will I get my scores?
You will receive your score in the mail six weeks after the administration of the test. Approximately four weeks after taking the test your unofficial score report will be available for you to access on the Pearson Education, Inc.web site.
How long is a passing score good for before I have to take the NES® or AEPA® again?
Once you pass the NES® or AEPA® , you will not have to take the NES® or AEPA® again as long as you keep your certification current. If you are not certified, your NES® or AEPA® scores will remain valid up to seven years after the administration date of the test you took.
Does the AEPA™ transfer to other states or do I need to take a different test for a different state?
Check with the state’s department of education to see if they accept the NES® or AEPA® for their certification. It is often easier to become certified in Arizona and then transfer certification to another state than to fulfill all the certification requirements for that state.
What resources are available to assist in preparing to take the NES® or AEPA® ?
Pearson Education, Inc. provides study guides for a fee of $6. The study guides can be ordered at the same time of registration for the test. The study guides can also be downloaded for free from the Pearson Education, Inc. web site. Xam Publishing provides study guides for some of the exams and can be purchased at the NAU Bookstore or the website. The College of Education at Northern Arizona University has a Prep Center that offers practice tests and seminars to assist in studying for the AEPA™. The NAU Prep center is called the Test Preparation Center, which is located in room 190 in the Eastburn Education bld.# 27. Other departments of education at Arizona universities and colleges may also have test prep centers