Digital documents for student teaching

All necessary documents are provided to guide you to successfully prepare for and complete student teaching. Take the time to read each document carefully.

Please bookmark this site for future reference and to check for updates. Share this site with your cooperating teacher and university supervisor.

Student Teacher Orientation

All student teachers are required to view presentation and successfully complete the orientation quiz (SurveyMonkey).

If you would like to view the recorded orientation session at any point throughout the semester, go to Elluminate Recordings and log in to watch recorded session.

Getting started

  • Introductory Welcome Letter (WORD)
  • Plan for Success (WORD)
  • Student Teaching Course Handbook (WORD)(PDF)
  • Syllabus (WORD)(PDF)
  • Registration Course Information (WORD)
  • TaskStream Enrollment Information (WORD)

Initial team meeting

Print the syllabus. Included within, you will find all of the following necessary forms for the meeting.

  • locate and print School/District Calendar
  • Team Information checklist
  • Statement of Values and Expected Professional Behaviors
  • Signatures of Statement acknowledgments
  • Team Information Form
  • Observation Checklist document
  • Institutional Recommendation document
  • Information Update Form
  • bring your Student Teaching Course Handbook printout

Additional information

AEPA and Certification Information (WORD)
APPEL Information for AEPA Prep (WORD)