Faculty Office Assignments

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Faculty Office Assignments

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Creation/Revision Date

5/11/1993 12:00:00 AM / 1/18/2002 12:00:00 AM


Daniel L. Kain, Dean


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for assigning faculty offices.


It is the policy of the College of Education to provide faculty (insofar as possible) with a private office and sufficient furniture/equipment to meet their duties and responsibilities.  The assignment of office space (and the provision of appropriate furniture and equipment) is the responsibility of college administration, in concert with the priorities and procedures specified in this policy.

The assignment of office space to faculty occurs under three circumstances:

            1)         following the initial hiring of faculty;

            2)         following the creation of a new office space or the vacating of a previously occupied faculty office; and

            3)         as part of an administrative move involving special changes (e.g., a faculty member is displaced because the function of a given office space has been administratively changed).

Priorities for the assignment of faculty to vacant office space are as follows:

            1)         faculty displaced from a prior office by administrative action;

            2a)       faculty with higher seniorities (i.e., individuals with the greatest number of years on faculty at Northern Arizona University). Clarification from Chairs¿ Meeting Minutes 7/18/02:  Longevity at NAU on Tenure Track determines office space seniority.

                        Note:  Should the application of this criterion not result in ordering faculty who desire the same office space, faculty rank will be used as a tie breaker.


            2b)       faculty identified by the Dean (in response to demonstrated need to meet their faculty responsibilities).  The demonstrated need must be provided by the faculty member in writing in order for this criterion to be used.

                        Note:  If an office assigned based upon this criterion is questioned, the Dean is obligated to identify the demonstrated need.


Appeal of an office assignment will be to a specially established committee composed of one representative from each department.


The following procedures will be used to make faculty office assignments according to the circumstances identified above:

            1)         Following the initial hiring of a faculty member:  A new faculty member will be assigned an available office space once an adequate opportunity for internal office shifts by faculty has occurred.


            2)         Following the creation of a new office space or the vacating of a previously occupied faculty office:

                        a)         An announcement will be made to all faculty indicating the impending availability of office space, requesting indications of interest and announcing a deadline for the expression of such interest, and

                        b) Office assignment(s) will be made among those expressing interest before the deadline using the previously identified priorities.

            3)         As part of an administrative move involving special changes:  Such persons will be given first priority to select from among vacated and recently created office space, or may choose from among available office space resulting from the reassignment of other faculty to such vacated or recently created office space.

Faculty questioning a ¿demonstrated need¿ assignment by the Dean or wishing to appeal an assignment (or a non-assignment) are to make a request in writing to the Dean.  In the case of an appeal, each department chair will be asked to identify (by whatever process the department chooses) a representative to the special committee.  That committee will review the circumstances of the earlier decision and make a recommendation to the Dean either supporting the earlier decision or suggesting some alternate action.