Faculty Collaborative

What is the Faculty Collaborative?

The new COE Faculty Collaborative is a collection of forums for faculty members to exchange ideas, share documents and discuss issues.

Is the collaborative private?

Yes.  Access to any collaborative is limited to select faculty members.

Who can host a faculty collaborative?

Anyone!  If you want to create a forum please submit a website request form and the COE Web Developer, Patty Frazier, will contact you to discuss the needs of your collaborative.

Can I join an existing collaborative?

Of course!  All  you have to do is contact the host of the collaborative to request access to the forum.

COE Collaborative List

EDF 301 Collaborative

  • Host:  Angelina Castagno
  • Description: This site is for faculty teaching EDF 301 to share syllabi, readings, lesson ideas, activities, assignments, etc. All material here is available to collaborative members for use and adaptation to enhance EDF 301.