Facilities and Labs

Hybrid Mac/PC Teaching Lab

This computer lab is assigned as a teaching lab for all ETC undergraduate classes, but is open to education students when classes are not being held.

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Eastburn Education Building, Room 189


Monday-Thursday 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Open to all education students during non-class times—contact the lab administrator to learn about availability.


Lab administrator: 928-523-4116

Available resources

  • 24 student stations
  • 21.5-inch wide screen dual boot Intel iMacs
  • Mac side: Snow Leopard 10.6
  • Win side: Windows 7
  • one teacher dual boot Intel iMac station with SMART Board
  • two portable SMART Board carts with dual boot Mac Pros 

PC Teaching Lab

This room is scheduled primarily as a teaching classroom for Education-only technology courses. The lab is made up of 28 Dell GX-280s and one teacher station with a GX-280. Logins require a Dana or Jan account.

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Eastburn Education Building, Room 185

Available resources

  • 28 student stations
  • Dell Omniplex 380s
  • Dell 20-inch LCD displays
  • one teacher station with SMART Board

Mobile Lab

The College of Education mobile lab contains 26 computers that can be checked out to a professor or staff needing them for projects within the College of Education Building.

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For more information contact the College of Education’s technical department.


Eastburn Education Building, Room 138


Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

Audio Visual Lab

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Room 189

Lab manager assistance with AV equipment

The lab manager can assist you with classroom equipment like:

  • overhead projectors
  • computer carts
  • VCRs

Equipment check-out

  • digital cameras
  • Windows and Macintosh laptop computers (for a maximum of one semester)


You can use a:

  • tape to tape VHS video system for video tape duplication and editing
  • VCR with cable access to tape a show from television
  • VCR/computer combination to convert a PowerPoint or HyperStudio presentation to VHS videotape
  • VCR/laserdisc/computer combination to digitize video

Curriculum Lab

The Curriculum Lab provides educational materials and resources to university students and faculty.

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Eastburn Education Building, Room 190




Monday–Thursday: 9 a.m.–6:30 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

The College of Education's Curriculum Lab provides educational materials and resources to university students and faculty. We offer a wide array of professional literature on topics varying from counseling to whole language instruction.

Some of our other resources include: 

  • textbooks for various subjects and grades
  • children's and juvenile literature
  • math, science, music, and social studies manipulatives
  • thematic units
  • selected course reserves
  • videos
  • video cameras
  • slide projectors
  • cassette recorders

To access these materials, you need a Northern Arizona University student ID. You can check out up to seven materials for eight days.

View the Curriculum Lab collection.

Test Preparation Center

The NAU College of Education Test Preparation Center is a resource center for Northern Arizona University students, alumni and non-affiliated teacher candidates who plan on taking the NES® or the AEPA®.

Our on-campus location is staffed with knowledgeable testing advisors, who can answer questions about all aspects of the NES® or the AEPA® testing process.

Our online course will provide an overview of the testing format, tips for success, and the opportunity to take a practice test.

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Test Lab

A variety of tests are available for qualified students and faculty to check out in the Test Lab.

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Eastburn Education Building, Room 169

A variety of tests—intelligence, vocational development, personality, achievement, and language—are available for qualified students and faculty to check out.

Protocols are available for purchase by qualified individuals. Purchases are made by using the Northern Arizona University JacksCard by depositing money on students’ JDE account.

Practicum Lab

Our Practicum Lab is used for individual testing, personal counseling, and tutoring.

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Eastburn Education Building, Room 169

The practicum lab facilities consist of:

  • six clinical rooms designed for individual testing, personal counseling, and tutoring
  • an office
  • a group room
  • a conference room
  • three observational rooms which allow faculty members and practicum students to observe students as they are testing, teaching, and conferencing

Each practicum room is equipped with a video camera, a VCR, and a monitor to allow sessions to be videotaped and reviewed immediately.  Free counseling is available for Northern Arizona University students and members of the community. 

Graduate students in the department of Educational Psychology training programs provide counseling under the supervision of licensed counseling faculty.

For more information about receiving counseling, call 928-523-3896 or e-mail eps@nau.edu.