Financial Aid

University and College of Education Financing Options

To find out about scholarships, fellowships, loan forgiveness, student employment etc, please go here.

Department Financing Information

Our faculty has been successful in securing financial assistance for students through grants from the US Department of Education. This assistance is available for limited periods of time and is constantly changing.

Contact a faculty advisor or the Department of Educational Specialties for current information.

If you meet all of our program requirements, you may be eligible for an assistantship. Graduate assistantships are offered through the Graduate College.

The number of these positions is limited, and you must apply early the spring semester. Check the Educational Specialties department for more details.

If you receive an assistantship, we expect you to carry a minimum of 9 units per semester, and we assign you responsibilities to which you must devote a specified number of hours each week. 

NAU offers a monthly payment plan for tuition payments. See the bursar's page for more information.