English as a Second Language, Graduate Certificate

This program is ideal for K-12 teachers seeking an English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) endorsement through Northern Arizona University courses.

Additional class registration information

Undergrads need to have a signed "Override Authorization/Out of Career" form to take 500-level classes.

Graduate students need the same form to take a 400-level class and have it count towards a degree program. Complete the form (PDF version) (Word version) and fax it to Laura Cook at 928-523-1929. 

NAU courses for ADE certification 

Graduate advising

Laura Cook

Programs of Study

Below is a downloadable Program of Study.  This includes complete set of courses and other work that must be successfully completed before qualifying for a degree, diploma, or certificate.

The program of studies is the agreed-upon plan between you and your faculty advisor on completing program requirements.

It is used as a verification document when you apply for graduation.

English as a Second Language, Graduate Certificate

Academic Catalog Listing

See the NAU Academic Catalog for important details on this certificate, including: 
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English as a Second Language, Graduate Certificate