Master of Education in Career and Technical Education Admissions

MEd in CTE Applications are accepted year round and only online.

When you apply to the Masters in CTE program you will immediately be accepted in a "pre plan" status that will allow you to register for classes for one semester.

Once you have a complete application file (see below for more information) your admission will be processed prior to the end of the semester.  MED CTE applications are processed twice per semester (approximately Aug, Nov, Jan, and May).

Admissions requirements

To be admitted, you must:

  • obtain a Bachelor's degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • apply to the university’s Graduate College, including submission of official transcripts from all prior institutions of higher education
  • complete the CTE Masters application (including the 500-word personal philosophy of career and technical education), which is part of the online Graduate College application

Complete the following steps:

  1. Apply to the Graduate College: Old Main/Ashurst, Northern Arizona University Box 4125, 928-523-4348, and have official copies of all your transcripts sent to that office.  Only online applications are accepted.  You need to indicate that the degree you are seeking is a Master’s in Education and your major is Career and Technical Education.  Select that you will be a distance education (online) student. 

    If you had previously been admitted to the Graduate College as a non-degree seeking student or into a different program, you need to reapply to the CTE program. 

    If you are changing from non-degree seeking to degree-seeking you will need to submit official transcripts from prior institutions. 

    This must be done before you register for more than nine hours or you are at risk of additional hours not counting towards your degree. 
  1. Review the Program of Study (PDF) (Word) which outlines the required coursework for the degree.  Formal advising is not required for the degree, and advising holds are not placed on graduate student accounts. 

    Please note that any deviations or substitutions must be approved by your adviser in advance of taking the class or the class may not be accepted towards graduation requirements. 
  1. Upon admission (into preplan status) you will be assigned Dr. Roberts as an adviser.  Advising is usually done via email or telephone.  He can be reached at or 928-523-9408.  Advising is not required at the graduate level, and holds are not placed on student accounts.
  1. If appropriate, complete a Petition for Transfer Credit  form and have it reviewed/approved by your CTE adviser.  Your adviser must approve all transfer credit. 

    In addition, transfer credits must also be approved by the department chair and the graduate college.  A maximum of nine hours of transfer credit may be granted if the "Regulations Governing Transfer Credit" are met. 
  1. You need to be admitted as a degree-seeking student before you complete more than nine graduate credit hours.  If you are not, the credits may not apply towards graduation.
  2. An Application for Graduation, obtained from the Graduate Studies Office or the Office of Admission and Records, should be completed at the beginning of the semester you expect to graduate (not sooner).  If you are in the extended coursework option you will schedule your exit oral exam for that same semester.