Required information updates

The following information must always be current in SEVIS:

1. Your current U.S. address

For immigration reporting purposes, we need both your physical and mailing addresses if they are different. When you move, you must report your new address to your International Student Adviser within 10 days of the move. This includes:

  • moves from one Northern Arizona University residence hall to another
  • moves from a residence hall to an address off-campus
  • moves from one off-campus address to another
  • room number changes
  • temporary address changes

Your International Student Adviser will update your SEVIS record with your new address. Failure to provide a current address can result in a loss of your F-1 status.

How to change your address

Step 1: You must notify your International Student Adviser to change it in SEVIS.

Step 2: You must change your address on LOUIE (Northern Arizona University’s online system) so important mail from the university will reach you.

2. Your current home country address

If your permanent address in your home country changes, you must inform your International Student Adviser of the new address in writing within 10 days.

3. Any changes made to your program of study (major)

Changing your major is a two-step process:

Step 1: Change your major in LOUIE.

Step 2: Notify your International Student Adviser, who will issue a new I-20 stating the change.

The change must show in LOUIE before your International Student Adviser will change your major in SEVIS. If you are a government sponsored student, you must receive permission from your sponsor before changing your major.

4. Any name changes

Name changes including passport corrections, marriage, and more must be current.

5. Any change in your financial situation different from that on your I-20

The loss of a scholarship or the addition of an assistantship are examples of changes in your financial situation that must be reported.

6. Your current phone number

Your International Student Adviser also needs your current phone numbers at all times in case we need to contact you regarding an urgent issue.

7. Other changes

Any other relevant changes must be reported to your International Student Adviser, including:

  • the intent to withdraw from the university
  • graduation
  • transfer information
  • change to another degree level
  • change to another immigration status
  • other changes that affect your F-1 status and may require SEVIS notification