Orientation Information

Orientation schedules for upcoming sessions/semesters

Summer 2014 I and II:

Summer I: New NAU international students entering the Program in Intensive English are required to attend testing and orientation sessions taking place on Monday, June 2. More information available here shortly.

Summer II: New NAU international students entering the Program in Intensive English are required to attend testing and orientation sessions taking place on Monday, July 7. More information available here shortly.

Fall 2014 Semester

New NAU international students are required to attend orientation sessions taking place on Monday, August 18.  New Program in Intensive English students will have placement testing on Tuesday, August 19. Various other sessions, tours, and activities are offered August 18-24. Classes begin on Monday, August 25.  

The orientation sessions on August 18 are held in the Dubois Center on south campus. Parking is not available, students should plan to walk, bike, or use public transportation to attend the required sessions.

Download the Fall 2014 Orientation Schedule to find your program schedule according to your admission type (available shortly)

New student welcome excursion

For August 2014 new international students the Center for International Education is sponsoring an all-day welcome excursion for new international students to the nearby Grand Canyon.

(Information here: http://www.nps.gov/grca/index.htm).  

The excursion is scheduled for August 30, 2014 (Saturday).  More information and forms available here soon

Arrival and pick-up information

Learn about our pick-up services and schedule transportation options from the Flagstaff airport and shuttle stop to Northern Arizona University (available shortly).


Print these maps for easy reference to locations of interest around Flagstaff:

Before registration

Read the following information to make sure you’re prepared when school starts.


Proof of immunity to measles (rubeola) is required for all students. Before you can register for classes, you must provide proof of immunity using the immunization verification form.

ALEKS Math Placement Exam

The ALEKS Math Placement Exam is required for placement into mathematics and statistics courses. All international students (except exchange students) must take this exam before meeting with an academic adviser and registering for classes. Information on the exam is available at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

First-year and transfer students

If you are a first-year or transfer student, you will need to register for classes during the advising session at orientation. You must meet with your adviser at orientation before you can register.

Priority enrollment

First-year students are also eligible for priority enrollment. This allows you to register for classes prior to your arrival on campus. Priority enrollment is available for the fall semester only. Information on priority enrollment is available at the Gateway Student Success Center.

Exchange students

Exchange students can register for classes prior to their arrival to the United States. You can do this after the open enrollment date of the previous semester (usually November or April), after you have submitted your immunization form. This can be completed through your LOUIE account. Find more detailed information on registration.

 Program in Intensive English (PIE)

PIE students will be registered by the PIE office.

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