Become a Leader in the I-House

There are lots of ways to get involved in the International House. Here are some excellent leadership opportunities that can enrich your time in the International House community.

International Pavilion Facility Workers

The International Pavilion Facility Workers are students who assist with the events at the International Pavilion.  Being an IP Facility Worker is an opportunity to assist people from all over the world in enjoying events, meeting people, and having fun. We are now accepting applications.

International Pavilion Facility Worker Job Description
International Pavilion Facility Worker Application

Global Advisors

The I-House Global Advisors are students who lead I-House events and also serve as a resource to I-House residents. Being a Global Advisor is an amazing opportunity to work in a great community helping others. Expect to see them around the community a lot! Check out the I-House Staff page to see who the Global Advisors are for this year! Applications are currently closed.

I-House Club

Welcome to NAU's International House Club!

Our Purpose

This club is interested in creating many opportunities for American and international students to get together to build friendship, participate in unique cultural events, volunteering in the community, and more.

Our meetings are every Thursday at 5:30pm at the International Pavilion in Meeting Room 201. Come join and learn more about clubs plans for upcoming events and activities, including creating an I-House yearbook!

Our Executive Board Members are:

President: Arisbeth Covarrubias

Vice-President: Maria Shimkus

Treasurer: Bryce Ribucan

Secretary/Technology: Gi Weon Her

Social Conveyors: Yuuka Saito and Jessika Bystrom

Cultural Conveyors: Anna Suzuka and Lorena Lechuga Gutierrez

Advisors: Tia Truss and Trina Trein

Us on Social Media:


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