Meet Our Team

  • Director of Global Student Life and the International House
  • Dylan RustDylan Rust, Ed.D.

    Dr. Dylan Rust has been the Director for the Northern Arizona University International House since its inception in 2012. An Arizona native, Dr. Rust is a three-time NAU alumnus and worked for the NAU Office of Housing and Residence Life for nine years before joining the Center for International Education in 2012. In addition to his work for the Center for International Education, Dr. Rust is also the Secretary of the Executive Board of International Houses Worldwide, Inc. and is the Chair for the NAU Service Professional Advisory Council.

  • International House Coordinator
  • Tia TrussTia Truss

    Tia Truss is the Coordinator for the NAU International House. Tia holds dual Master's degrees in Sociology from NAU and Developmental Studies from the University of Botswana. Her thesis evaluated a domestic violence shelter in Botswana and established best practices for domestic violence women shelter’s service provision. Tia is a native of Carthage, Mississippi. Prior to leaving for the Master's exchange program in 2012, Tia worked for the Center for International Education's Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs.

    • Phone: (928) 523-6548
    • Fax: (928) 523-9489
  • Global Advisors
  • Fernando TomFernando Tom, Jr.
    • Year/Major: Junior, Biomedical Science and Chinese
    • Hometown: Kaibeto, Arizona
    • Why you're excited about living in an international community: I'm excited to live in the NAU I-House, because I wanted to learn more about other cultures. I am currently learning Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and I am able to practice more on the languages and will better familiarize myself with cultural barriers. Thus it will help me when I go abroad for two years in Asia. Everyone has a story and I want to get a glimpse and see what is similar to my own Navajo background.
    • Why you're looking forward to being a Global Advisor: I love being a Global Advisor, because I understand the various challenges that international students have when they first arrive in the United States. I wanted to be that extra hand that international students can rely on when times get tough. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. I also wanted to make connections on a global scale and make friends who will tell me more about their languages and cultures. This further leads into my ultimate goal in becoming a doctor without borders where I will be helping people that live in poor/rural communities. Being a Global Advisor, I feel that I can learn more about cultures, start breaking down the social barriers, and learn a little more about their language.
  • RoseRosemary Mbuthia
    • Year/Major: Sophomore, Biomedicine
    • Hometown: Houston, Texas
    • Why you're excited about living in an international community: Living in an international community has created an opportunity for me to experience diverse cultures and traditions. Originally from Kenya, I am interested in meeting people from other countries who I can share my culture with. The international community at NAU is full of opportunities to work within and outside community and in the process create life long friendships.
    • Why you're looking forward to being a Global Advisor: As a Global Advisor, I get to help other international students assimilate into the "American college life." I understand how it feels to be new in a different country and seeking a sense of home. The Global Advisor position allows me opportunities to assist others and also meet people with diverse nationalities. It also helps me practice my Mandarin and assure that the international community at NAU feels like home away from home.