Meet Our Team

  • Director of International Student Retention and Inclusion
  • Dylan RustDylan Rust, Ed.D.

    Dr. Dylan Rust has been the Director for the Northern Arizona University International House since its inception in 2012. An Arizona native, Dr. Rust is a three-time NAU alumnus and worked for the NAU Office of Housing and Residence Life for nine years before joining the Center for International Education in 2012. In addition to his work for the Center for International Education, Dr. Rust is also the Secretary of the Executive Board of International Houses Worldwide, Inc. and is the Past Chair for the NAU Service Professional Advisory Council.

  • International House Coordinator
  • Tia TrussTia Truss

    Tia Truss is the Coordinator for the NAU International House. Tia holds dual Master's degrees in Sociology from NAU and Developmental Studies from the University of Botswana. Her thesis evaluated a domestic violence shelter in Botswana and established best practices for domestic violence women shelter’s service provision. Tia is a native of Carthage, Mississippi. Prior to leaving for the Master's exchange program in 2012, Tia worked for the Center for International Education's Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs.

    • Phone: (928) 523-6548
    • Fax: (928) 523-9489
  • Global Advisors
  • Choon Pong TanChoon Pong Tan
    • Year/Major: Senior/ Psychology
    • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Why you're excited about living in an international community: I am exciting about living in an international community because I get to meet different people from different places! I am even excited about learning different cultural background too! You would be surprised what you would learn from them.
    • Why you're looking forward to being a Global Advisor: Meeting people is always fun! In fact, one of my purpose for studying abroad is to meet more people and have fun! I do not want my life here just studying, it is such a waste! Besides that, I know how does it feel to be an international student! I would be happy to help them about life in NAU and have lots of fun! Lastly, I would say that joining events in NAU and hangout with friends together is the best way to stay cheerful here ! Cheers !
  • AneliaAnelia Marinova
    • Year/Major: Junior, International Facility Management
    • Hometown: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
    • Why you’re excited about living in an international community: I love meeting people coming from around the world and experiencing their cultures! For that reason, I decided to be part of the international community and to bring more international experience and excitement into my life in USA!
    • Why you’re looking forward to being a Global Advisor: As already an international student, I am living away from my home country for almost 3 years. I lived in several countries for that period of time and I know what is the feeling to live in another country for a first time, to experience culture shock, sickness for home, family and friends and to try to adapt to different cultures. For that reason, I am excited and looking forward to be a Global Advisor at the I-House. I want to be able to bring people from around the globe together and to help them gain international experience and awareness by organizing various events and providing support to students on a daily basis!