How do I apply for GSEP?


GSEP is free, but you must apply and be accepted in order to take advantage of the many GSEP events and offerings.

What are the GSEP application criteria?

We want GSEP to be available to as many motivated and enthusiastic science and engineering students as possible. There are only three criteria you must meet to join GSEP:

  1. You must be officially enrolled as a major in a science or engineering discipline; this means any major within the NAU College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences (CEFNS). The specific degree programs supported by GSEP are listed in the "GSEP Programs" section of this website.
  2. Freshman status: All GSEP curricular plans incorporate an early start in language learning to prepare students for their year abroad. Therefore, you should generally be a freshman to apply to GSEP. Ideally, you would be enrolled before or immediately after arriving on campus. If you have previous foreign language experience, or are willing to enroll in summer language instruction to catch up, it may be possible to join GSEP in your second or third semester. More leeway is also possible in the Japanese and Chinese GSEP tracks. Contact a GSEP advisor for more information.
  3. A commitment to engage fully in the GSEP experience. Although there are no test scores or grade requirements to get into GSEP, it's important to recognize that GSEP is a challenging curricular path. In addition, regular participation in GSEP extra-curricular activities is required as part of the program, including seminars, guest speakers, trip reports, outings, and other team-building activities. In short, GSEP is much more than just a sequence of courses to take, it is designed to be a comprehensive preparation for your successful start into the global science and engineering marketplace; and this success will require commitment on your part.
Like all NAU curricular plans, the GSEP curricular plans we've developed for supported degree programs assume that students are academically prepared when they enter their studies, i.e., that they do not need to take remedial coursework before beginning their programs of study.

What additional qualifications might be helpful?
The GSEP was designed specifically to be accessible for students with no previous foreign language or travel experience, so all of the GSEP curricular plans assume that students enter without any language training. This means that, if you do happen to have language training (e.g. from high school, or in your home environment), this would certainly be helpful as you dive into GSEP. In many cases, this will simply mean that the early language courses will be an easy review for you; in the best case, you could test out of those courses altogether.

How do I apply for GSEP?

Applying to GSEP is simple: apply online