Global Science and Engineering Program Application

Fall 2015 Applications Closing October 15

Are you currently enrolled in a language course?


Previous foreign language experience:

Languages you have experience with:

Tell us a bit about what non-English languages you have some proficiency in. To rank your skill level, use a simple 10-point rating where:

1 = Rusty: Can remember how to introduce myself, but that's about it.

5 = Basic tourist functionality: ask for directions, order in a restaurant, etc.

10 = Fluent: have general conversations, read novels in the language, etc.

International exposure:

Have you traveled abroad? Tell us a bit about the stamps in your passport!

Which of the GSEP languages are you planning to study? Choose one.

We have found that the best way to assess applicants for potential success in GSEP is to let them introduce themselves in a brief professional statement. You may enter (or copy-paste) the text in the space provided, or send a pdf or Word document in a separate email to: Statements should be 1-2 pages in length (minimum 500 words; max. 1000 words), and should cover the following points:

a) Introduce yourself and your chosen discipline of study. What is it that inspired you to make this career choice?

b) Explain why you are interested in pursuing the GSEP language option that you checked above. Were you reasons personal, professional or both? What country or region would you most likely choose for your year abroad in GSEP?

c) Explain your personal motivation for wanting to join GSEP. What do you hope to gain from the program? How do you see it impacting your career after you finish your degrees?

Your professional statement will be evaluated on completeness (did you cover all the points above), quality and professionalism (presentation, grammar, spelling), and thoughtfulness of your comments.

Where did you first hear about GSEP?

What was your most decisive factor when choosing to apply for GSEP?