GSEP Facts



The primary mission of GSEP is to jump start education in the key engineering and science disciplines ahead of the curve of rapidly unfolding global economic developments, and prepare students to compete at the highest levels in the global labor market of the future. The GSEP concept is based around a novel 4.5 to 5-year course of study that will produce graduates with:

  • a BS in a science or engineering discipline
  • a BA in a foreign language
  • the NAU International Engineering and Natural Science Certificate
  • extensive real-world international professional experience

The dual-degree curricular plans in GSEP are challenging and it is expected that the GSEP will attract serious, motivated students eager to pursue a truly unusual and exciting educational avenue.



GSEP makes it easy for ambitious science and engineering majors to internationalize their undergraduate education by providing comprehensive infrastructure and logistics support for integrating language study, study-abroad, and professional international internships into existing degree programs in the science and engineering disciplines. In particular, GSEP provides:

  • Carefully designed plans of study that show how to complete your particular science or engineering degree and a language major within the four to five year GSEP timeframe.
  • Comprehensive support for GSEP scholars in planning their studies, managing logistic details for the built-in semester of study abroad, and placement in a suitable 5-6 month international internship.
  • An extracurricular program of special activities for GSEP scholars centered around cultural exploration, international business, trips, and food preparation.
  • A supportive learning community of GSEP scholars that bond, live, work, and study together on the NAU campus and while abroad.

It is important to emphasize that GSEP plans of study are not separate degree programs. GSEP merely provides you with detailed guidance on how to plan your studies to receive both your regular science or engineering degree, and an additional degree in a foreign language. And, of course, GSEP provides a host of extra-curricular activities for GSEP scholars, manages the logistics of planning for study and internship abroad, and generally provides a supportive international science and engineering community.

In short, the goal of GSEP is to provide an easy, comprehensive pathway to internationalizing your science and engineering studies. It's a complete package! And it's free! Just add your energy and enthusiasm, and upgrade your science and engineering studies today!


GSEP offers an incredible value proposition: for just one extra year of study, you can get a second bachelor's degree, both study-abroad and a professional international internship experience, and valuable international culture and business training.

With GSEP, you receive...

The same science or engineering degree you receive in your "normal" BS degree program, PLUS...

(...a foundation for any career...)

...a second BA degree in a foreign language, including study-abroad, PLUS...

(...a truly global citizen...)

...a 4-6 month professional internship abroad, PLUS...

(...incredible on the resume...) International Engineering and Natural Science Certificate, PLUS...

(...another frame on your wall of glory...)

... amazing experiences traveling, studying, and working internationally!

(...PRICELESS !!!)