Participation in GSEP is FREE! We want all NAU science and engineering majors to be able to enhance their undergraduate career for a global marketplace, so there are no additional fees or tuition in order to participate in GSEP. You need to apply for and be admitted to the program before you can take advantage of the many special GSEP offerings, however, you continue to pay regular NAU tuition.  

Costs for out-of-country GSEP elementsczech republic

Although the on-campus portion of the GSEP is free there are, some costs associated with travelling abroad. These costs include airfare, room and board, and your personal expenses. Note that the exact costs will depend on which partner institution/country you choose, on changing prices over time, and on your personal preferences.

GSEP Commitment: Affordable international study and internship

In comparison to the benefits received, the costs for internationalizing your engineering or science degree are truly minimal: aside from the cost of airline tickets, the costs are no higher (and sometimes lower) than what you would be paying anyway on the NAU campus.

A specific goal of NAU and the GSEP program is to encourage widespread and comprehensive internationalization, in order to produce exemplary graduates in the Sciences and Engineering who are truly prepared to be tomorrow's leaders. To make this opportunity accessible to all, we have kept costs in mind in designing every aspect of the GSEP program.

Scholarships are available to help defray out-of-pocket expenses associated with GSEP travel. More scholarship information can be found here.