Global Science and Engineering Program (GSEP)

Welcome to the Global Science and Engineering Program (GSEP) website, where you'll find all the information you need to truly prepare yourself to compete in the global professional marketplace of the future.

The Global Science and Engineering Program is an ambitious, innovative dual-degree curricular track that internationalizes your studies in any science or engineering discipline by adding intensive language study, immersion in our community of international scholars, and a variety of other international curricula and activities. Studies in language and culture are integrated with students' regular studies in their engineering and science majors, following a set of carefully crafted degree progress plans.

After preparing on-campus for three years, GSEP students spend a year abroad, consolidating their language and professional skills with a semester of study at one of our international partner institutions, followed by a professional internship at with one of our corporate or research partners in Europe, Latin America, China, or Japan. With their language studies completed, GSEP students then spend their final year back on-campus, finishing off the Capstone year of their engineering or science degrees.

GSEP students graduate with two undergraduate degrees: a B.S. in their chosen science or engineering discipline and a B.A. in one of two areas.  Students studying French, German, and Spanish will receive a B.A. in Modern Languages, emphasis Global Science and Engineering.  Students studying Chinese or Japanese will receive a B.A. in Comparative Cultural Studies, emphasis Asian Studies.

It's your education...why would you prepare yourself for yesterday, when you could prepare yourself for tomorrow? Go global!