Donate to the Center for International Education

Why donate?

The college years provide significant opportunities for growth and development by:

  • facilitating the formation of new and lifelong relationships with peers and faculty
  • refining a sense of identity
  • helping make life commitments 

The Center for International Education plays a pivotal role in this process. We offer support for:

  • international students as they navigate a new culture and educational system
  • students embarking on new education abroad experiences
  • faculty in internationalizing the curriculum 

Lives touched through global learning

We want to be able to support students in participating in study, research, internship, or service learning abroad experiences.

Self discovery

A student named Louis was lucky to be able to take advantage of study abroad opportunities.  “Studying abroad was probably the single best thing I did at Northern Arizona University,” Louis said after returning from a study abroad experience. “It introduced me to so many new things and it helped me learn more about myself and what I'd like to do with my life.”  

Shaping the future

Almost thirty years after graduating from Northern Arizona University, Samia Ashraf displayed her gratitude for the transformative role the university played in her life. For the past five years, Ashraf has been sponsoring the Fatima Scholarship, which supports female international students from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.  She says that she “had a terrific international student experience at Northern Arizona University.” 

Lifelong skills

Dr. Prabhu Mohapatra, also a graduate of Northern Arizona University with an MS in chemistry, attributes who he is today to his experience at the university. Now a successful entrepreneur based in Phoenix, Mohapatra says that the university provided him valuable skills in cultural competency. 

Global learning for academia

The Center for International Education has recently completed a strategic planning effort for global education. This effort has produced a number of recommendations that will transform Northern Arizona University into a global campus and will help prepare students to be globally competent.

One of the more consequential recommendations emerging from this process is that global learning will become central to the academic experience of all undergraduates.  These recommendations address what is at the very core of the mission of the Center for International education, and represents a historic moment for Northern Arizona University.

We believe that whether you were an international student at Northern Arizona University or an American student who had a study abroad experience, your life was transformed by these experiences.  We encourage you to join the Center for International Education in ensuring that current and future students can have as transformative an experience at Northern Arizona University as you did when you were here.