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Our success and growth is largely rooted in the participation of researchers from a variety of disciplines.

To get involved with the institute, we offer both individual affiliation and institutional affiliation.

Individual affiliation

There are three possible levels of individual affiliation with the Interdisciplinary Health Policy Institute. 

Senior scientist

This position is appointed by the executive director by virtue of the faculty member’s research, teaching, and ability to carry out the mission and objectives of the institute.

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Roles and benefits 
  • assumes seat on Institute Internal Advisory Board
  • eligible for partial buy-out of teaching load
  • eligible for all benefits conferred on fellows


This position is open to all whose work would contribute to the mission and objectives of the Institute 

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  • eligible for support from the Institute for institute-related grant writing and curriculum development
  • invitations to participate in all Institute events
  • opportunity to participate in training and research grants coordinated by the Institute
  • library privileges and some Information Technology Services, like e-mail
  • participate in Institute meetings like Fellow’s meetings, grand rounds, annual conference, etc.
  • whenever possible, submit relevant grant proposals through the Institute
  • provide research findings like article abstracts to the Institute so they may be posted on the Institute’s website
  • indicate affiliation with the Institute in professional publications, papers, etc.
  • teach Institute courses and/or be willing to offer curricular advice to others who are teaching Institute courses and/or be willing to mentor students who are conducting Institute-related projects
Process to become a fellow 

Submit the following to the executive director:

  • curriculum vitae summarizing academic/professional history
  • cover letter indicating: 
    • the relevance of your research, teaching, and/or other activities to the Institute’s mission and objectives, and your reasons for affiliation
    • links to any personal web pages
Continued relevance 

In order to ensure the continued pertinence of fellows to the Institute, every three years the Internal Advisory Board may review evidence of fellows’ Institute-related activities to determine their continued relevance to the Institute’s mission and objectives.

In the absence of continued relevance, the executive director, acting on the advice of the Internal Advisory Board, may terminate a fellow’s affiliation with the Institute. 


This position is open to all whose work or studies could benefit from up-to-date information about Institute activities and events

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Members are kept abreast of all Institute events, receiving our occasional newsletter, Intersections in Health Policy, coordinated by the Institute.

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Institutional affiliation

We also seek institutions to affiliate with the  Institute. Representatives should contact the executive director to determine the appropriate level of affiliation and how to proceed.