Graduate certificate requirements

Admission requirements 

  1. completion of a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university
  2. apply and be admitted to the Graduate College if not already a current Northern Arizona University graduate student
  3. apply and be accepted into the certificate program

Certificate completion requirements 

  1. complete 15 credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.0 from the designated courses
  2. complete PSY 636 and POS 671
  3. complete three credit hours from the Interdisciplinary Foundations courses
  4. complete three credit hours from the Interdisciplinary Policy Process courses
  5. complete HPI 698

Required courses

PSY 636 Social & Behavioral Epidemiology
POS 671 Policy Process
HPI 698 Interdisciplinary Health Policy Graduate Seminar. This is the certificate capstone course. Prerequisites: admission to the Certificate, completion of PSY 636 and POS 671 and at least three credits from the elective courses listed below.

Elective courses

Interdisciplinary Foundations
ANT 581 Language, Power & Medicine
ES 600 Critical approaches to Ethnic Studies
HIS 567 Readings in Power, Culture, and Ideology
HS 520 Health Disparities*
WGS 601 Topics in Feminist Studies

Interdisciplinary Policy Processes
CCJ 619 Issues in Law, Policy, and Social Change
FOR 605 Natural Resources Policy Analysis
HS 643 Comparative Healthcare Systems *
POS 659 Environmental Policy

*Online courses