Our founding principle


The Interdisciplinary Health Policy Institute is founded on the principle that strategic partnerships and interdisciplinary teams most effectively meet today’s health and health care challenges.


To improve individual, family, and community health in Arizona and beyond by advancing multidisciplinary public health policy, research, community partnerships, and education.


  1. foster and support interdisciplinary and collaborative health-related research
  2. work in partnership with public and tribal leaders, residents, and other research institutions to promote healthier individuals and communities
  3. address health disparities in under-served and un-served populations
  4. provide health information and program evaluation to public and private sector entities at the local, state, and tribal levels
  5. develop innovative undergraduate and graduate curricula that examine health and health care in their social and cultural contexts
  6. expand student involvement in health-related research and service learning

Advisory Board members

The Advisory Board is responsible for guiding pertinent research endeavors and advising senior scientists and fellows.